Me-TV Reveals Its Fall 2013 Schedule

Classic television digital specialty network Me-TV has announced its Fall 2013 schedule, which debuts on Monday, September 2nd. New shows being added include Gilligan’s Island, The Love Boat, F Troop, Wanted: Dead or Alive and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (starting in November). A number of shows will be returning to the line-up, including The Twilight Zone, Remington Steele, Taxi and I Love Lucy.

To make room for these new and returning shows, Me-TV will be putting others on hiatus, including The Odd Couple and That Girl while both Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie will be leaving for good. More than a dozen other shows are being moved to new time slots. Me-TV is also adding a two-hour “Made for TV Movie” block on Fridays from 8-10PM. Read all about the Fall 2013 schedule at Me-TV’s website.

None of these new shows can be considered obscure, of course. Me-TV does air two somewhat obscure shows, Mr. Lucky and The Rebel, so there is always hope that additional short-lived shows may one day be added to the schedule.

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26 Replies to “Me-TV Reveals Its Fall 2013 Schedule”

  1. I am looking forward to “F Troop.” I really enjoyed it as a child. It has been years since I have seen it. I hope it holds up.

  2. Great to see F TROOP back. It’s been awhile since it had a regular prime time slot. Also great to see Me-TV bringing CANNON back as well, after a year’s hiatus.

    1. I wouldn’t get my hopes up, Chuck. The Me-TV website has this to say about the new movie night:

      “Every Friday night, Me-TV will present a made for TV movie based on these iconic shows: Perry Mason, Columbo, The Mod Squad, The Brady Bunch, Cannon, Vegas, Diagnosis Murder and The Andy Griffith Show.”

  3. i just wish i could get tv from a station in my area but guess what there are no airwave stations in my area. i think it is because of cable tv stopping it from being here but even if there were no cable they would just ship in a transmitter from stations 100 miles from us and we would get what they want for tv there. for some reason noone wants to put a station in this area. we need an airwave station in this area for this area. and i would like a channel just for this area then cool if they pick up old shows for another channel on this station. i think though it shall never happen after all you can pay a cable bill. shocker not everyone can afford the bill and some who could would like to get out of paying it but i know most would just pay it anyway and most is all that are cared about.

  4. I’m very happy with this announcement. I used to absolutely love F-Troop, and I’m glad to see The Rockford Files and Cannon back on the network, even if they’re not on a daily basis like before. I wish the double Car 54, Where Are You? airings on late Saturday night/early Sunday mornings hadn’t been pushed back an hour. I’m a night owl and I enjoyed closing out my Saturday’s with that hour block; I’ll still DVR the show, but 3-4 AM is just a little TOO late for me!

    Also, the Friday Made-For-TV block sounds interesting. I wouldn’t mind The Emergency! TV movies and the Quincy, M.E. movies being shown in that block eventually, but I don’t know if MeTV would be able to get those. Even the late-80’s Kojak TV movies would be cool. I’m excited for the Cannon and Vegas movies. The only thing I find a bit odd is the Diagnosis: Murder mention. I have no problem with the show, but as a property, it seems a little too ‘new’ to me (as opposed to, say, Perry Mason, in which the TV movies may be newer, but the actual property goes back a ways). I guess it just gives me uncomfortable reminders of the steps TV Land took, bit-by-bit, to get to what they are now (i.e., a shell of what the channel was about when it debuted). Even RetroTV and Antennae TV have gone that route (Antennae TV perhaps less so than RetroTV), and I’d just hate for that to happen to MeTV, which for me has been an oasis of great classic TV. But, that’s my worry, and it may very well be unfounded.

    I hope The Odd Couple isn’t gone for too long. As for Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie, I’m surprised they’re being dropped after such a relatively short time on the network, but since I’m not a fan of either show, I won’t miss them (I know that may be an unpopular opinion).

  5. EDIT: It’s “Antenna” not “Antennae” TV! D’oh!

    Also, forgot to mention that I couldn’t be happier Taxi is returning!

  6. It would be awesome if ‘Made for TV Movie’ night could include ‘Still The Beaver’, based on the iconic ‘Leave it to Beaver’. The movie has not aired in 30, count them, 30 years.

  7. I saw the “untouchables” in the promo ,however no definite mention of the program -miss the program .

    1. I’m going to miss bewitched. I love that show. I just love all the old shows. Thank you, thank you, thank you for airing them.

  8. My favorite has been pulled “THat Girl”. When it moved to very early hour, I even set my alarm so I could start the day with a good clean laugh. No more,. Now the good ones are rare — MaryTylerMoore only one night a week; Rhoda, and Bob Newhart , the same. The replacements are nothing I want to see. You had such a good schedule until the fall, sorry to say. Disappointing!

  9. Gosh put back on I dream of jennie and bewitched just cant believe those were pulled.. Also Partridge family put that on

  10. Maybe you could put on shows like Medical Center, Mannix, Spencer for Hire. These were also some great tv shows.

  11. I wonder if there would be any audience for more obscure shows that either aired for only one season, or were on for a few years or more but have not been seen in quite awhile. For example, “Love on a Rooftop” or “Julia” or “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.”

  12. MeTV’s 2013 fall lineup is a BIG disappointment. I’m sorry but Gilligan’s Island, F-Troop, The Love Boat, Petticoat Junction and Green Acres are dreadful shows. I so looked forward to watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda every night. Where are they now? Both of those shows have aged well and are still very appealing to new audiences. I wish MeTV could go the extra mile and show programs that haven’t been in syndication in a long time: Room 222, Angie, Briget Loves Bernie, The Paul Lynde Show, Phyllis, Eight is Enough, One Day At A Time, Alice, etc.

  13. Nearly a month ago I mentioned some shows that have not been rebroadcast for many years that could be good fits for Me-TV. One of the ones I listed was “Julia.” A few nights ago while searching through the evening TV schedule I was pleasantly surprised to see that “Julia” is now being shown on ASPiRE. Episodes are shown in the evenings on Monday through Friday at 7:00 and 7:30, and then those same episodes are shown again the next afternoon at 1:00 and 1:30. The Friday evening episodes are repeated the following Monday.

    1. ASPiRE is also showing “The Bill Cosby Show.” This is his sitcom from 1969-1971. Two episodes are shown every weekday afternoon at noon and 12:30 and every weekday evening at 6:00 and 6:30. Unlike the “Julia” schedule, they show four different episodes every day.

  14. I love tv land I enjoy all the old tv shows but was disappointed to see that emergency and adam 12 got taken off why would they do that emergency is a great show it got the paramidic prompre stared and adam 12 also was great tv land needs to bring back emergency and adam12 take off that 70s show instead.

  15. F-Troop – seriously, take it off of tv, the same with Emergency, Adam-12, and bring on more That Girl. I do enjoy Car 54 Where are you. What goofy fun.

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