It’s About Time Coming to Antenna TV

Classic television digital specialty network Antenna TV has announced its new fall schedule, which debuts Monday, September 14th. Three shows are being added to the diginet’s schedule, including two one season wonders: It’s About Time (CBS, 1966-1967) and My Mother The Car (NBC, 1965-1966).

The sitcoms will make their Antenna TV premiere on Saturday, September 19th with two episodes of My Mother the Car airing back-to-back from 1-2PM ET followed by two episodes of It’s About Time from 2-3PM ET.

The other new addition to Antenna TV’s schedule this fall is Family Ties. A color version of the new schedule can be found at Antenna TV’s Facebook page. A black and white PDF can be found here.

For the record, My Mother the Car used to be available for streaming via Hulu but was removed at some point. I’m not sure when. The complete series was released on DVD by TGG Direct in November 2013. Has It’s About Time been seen anywhere since it went off the air? I don’t believe it was syndicated at all. Hopefully a DVD release is in the works. My article on It’s About Time can be found here.

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  1. It will be fascinating to see if they have actually gone through the painstaking trouble of remastering “IT’S ABOUT TIME” the same way they did with “MY MOTHER THE CAR.” The copies that have been circulated were 16mm film and we were told that is all that existed.

  2. no surprise..the episodes will be cut for commercials and I’ve cut back on watching antenna tv because of the closing credits are non-existing on most of its shows…when one program goes off, that particular program is slides to the left and the credits are ran. meanwhile, the next program begins on the right..when the credit roll is finished on the left, the new program moves over to the center. no thanks, antenna tv–I’ll passed on that..i’ll watch ’em on hulu and other sites that shows the full closing credits with sounds.

    me-tv still has closing credits as I remember, I will watch your channel until the closing credits are no longer shown.

  3. This show aired at about 2 am weeknights one summer in the early 1980s on CKVR-TV in Barrie, Ontario a CBC network affiliate. They still had old copies in their vault, it had previously aired on that channel and across the CBC network in 1966-67. The picture quality was the same as on the bootleg copies that have circulated ever since, I remember reading either a newspaper article or something online suggesting that the source of the bootlegs was from these TV showings.

    Are the episodes now airing on Antenna TV remastered? I don’t get that channel and I’m curious about it.

  4. I hope that they do. Re create the series because I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out this memory. I knew in my mind it was the same time as my mother the car and when gilligan was on. So happy to finally to figure it out . I think it is huge !!!!!!!!!!!

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