getTV Expanding Its Western Block

Earlier this month, digital specialty network getTV added a Western block to its lineup: A Man Called Shenandoah (ABC, 1965-1966), Hondo (ABC, 1967), and Nichols (NBC, 1971-1972). Beginning Saturday, October 3rd three additional Westerns will join getTV’s “Saturday Showdown” block: The Tall Man (NBC, 1960-1962), Whispering Smith (NBC, 1961), and Laredo (NBC, 1965-1967).

Here’s a look at the full block:

getTV’s Saturday Showdown Block

12:00PM The Tall Man
12:40PM Whispering Smith
 1:20PM A Man Called Shenandoah
 2:00PM Laredo
 3:15PM Laredo
 4:30PM Hondo
 5:45PM Nichols

From a getTV press release:

“Our ‘Saturday Showdown’ block is very popular with our viewers, and these three new additions are the perfect complement to our growing lineup of rare Western television series,” said Jeff Meier, SVP of Programming at getTV. “We’re excited to dig into Hollywood’s archives and uncover movies and series that sometimes haven’t been seen on TV in decades – transporting our viewers back to a time when Westerns ruled the airwaves.”

getTV is currently available in close to 70% of the country. You can check to see if getTV is available in your area here.

4 Replies to “getTV Expanding Its Western Block”

  1. Long ago the original version of The Family Channel showed old westerns on Saturdays. Now INSP (Inspiration) has what I believe is called Saddle-Up Saturdays. I wonder if the television industry has a special demographic study that shows people who watch “specialty” channels like westerns during daytime Saturday hours?

  2. The choice probably has to do with their budget, but great to see some more obscure shows (and not ‘The Rifleman’ yet again) getting airtime.

  3. There use to be a western channel in Canada but they switched formats. The problem with old westerns is that at some point most of the viewers will have seen them all. But I don’t think I’ve seen any of these. Unfortunately, right now there’s so much new material to watch I don’t have the time.

    1. I watch many of the obscure westerns shown by GET TV. Cimarron City, Restless Gun, Tombstone Territory., Tall Man, Whispering Smith– great shows! Here’s hoping Tales of Wells Fargo and Wichita Town are on the horizon

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