The WB’s 1999-2000 Image Campaign

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The WB went into the 1999-2000 season with ratings on the rise and its identity as a network aimed at younger demographics firmly in place. Its image campaign for the fall was called “The Faces of The WB” and featured the song “Crawl” by indie pop band Thisway. It was a shift away from the “studio backlot” campaigns used by the network from its inception.

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7 Replies to “The WB’s 1999-2000 Image Campaign”

  1. Thank you for this. It brought back such wonderful memories of a brilliant network that was taken away from us. In it’s place, we get the ludicrous CW, with it’s awful ad campaigns. Whereas the WB came off as warm, inviting, and like home, the CW comes off as cold, narrow minded, and only for a select clientele, whereas the WB as like “Everybody come on in!”. It really was/is a shame that the WB shut down and this horrible hybrid was born in it’s place that has not, and will not, ever rise to WB levels. Once again, thanks for this.

  2. You wouldn’t happen to have a clip from the campaign where the kids were shot along with closeups of the WB sign? That was my favorite…

  3. This Network is the best network of them all. It had the best quality of shows that any one could enjoy. I think Angel is the greatest Tv Series of all time because of The WB. Dawson`s Creek is good but was annoying that The WB promoted it more. Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven are two shows without Cops or Lawyers and are still great viewing. God Bless The WB.

  4. The WB was an all too brief flare of amazing TV. So many ideas and series that the major networks simply would never have tried without the WB forcing their hands. What stuns me to this day is how they found so much incredible talent for so many shows. So many flops on the majors to this day not only have weak casts overall, but too often pathetic lead characters set in cookie-cutter plots.

    The WB probably will never be possible again, but I guess what comes close are the efforts of some of the cable networks such as USA and TNT. In a bit of a twist, while the WB targeted older teens and 20-somethings, many of the best quality shows on basic-cable target much older audiences. In both cases all these networks are targeting underserved audiences.

    Oh yes, … a;; ‘reality’ shows must die!

  5. Connor and Beekums…for one thing, Lauren Graham had been in several flop series and was considered a “show killer” (the female Ted McGinley) before GILMORE GIRLS.

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