The Partridge Family 2200 A.D. Opening Credits

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This animated series continued the musical adventures of the Partridge Family. Only it was set in the year 2200. And there were aliens and robots. It aired Saturday mornings on CBS during the 1974-1975 season.

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  1. What you’re seeing above [if you chose to view it] was actually the show’s opening title, which also doubled as a “promo” for the series shortly after its premiere in September 1974.
    This was another of Fred Silverman’s patented animated versions of “favorite TV sitcoms”- he discovered, while programming CBS’ Saturday morning schedules during the ’60s and ’70s, the “dirty little secret” that kids will watch a cartoon version of their favorite live-action rerun IF it was “handled correctly”- as previously demonstrated in cartoon versions of “THE LONE RANGER”, “THE [NEW] ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN” and “BATMAN”. However, his idea to turn “Charlie Chan” into “THE AMAZING CHAN AND THE CHAN CLAN” in 1972 was an unqualified disaster. In 1973, Silverman scheduled animated variations of “MY FAVORITE MARTIAN” and “{I DREAM OF} JEANNIE”. Their success led to this amalgam of “THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY” and “THE JETSONS”. It originally aired at 9:30am(et) [right after repeats of the first season of “JEANNIE”], but was quickly pulled in January 1975 in favor of repeats of “PEBBLES AND BAMM-BAMM”, then moved to Sunday mornings and quietly dropped at the end of the season. It was later shown as part of the daily syndicated “FRED FLINTSTONE & FRIENDS” package in 1977-’79, and has not appeared on TV since….

    1. While you’re correct in the general sense of the “rerun packaged as a cartoon”, the idea wasn’t Silverman’s alone. Filmation Associates were the ones that invented/perfected this form of animation with the aforementioned DC series, et al. But, this is H-B’s handiwork, and one of the true bombs in their history; as it was done two years too late, if it had to be done at all

  2. Premiering directly one full week after the original Partridge Family series faded from the ABC-TV network airwaves. This was the second appearance The Partridges in ink-and-paint, following their several guest appearances of Goober And The Ghost Chasers (ABC, 1973-5).

    Only Danny Bonaduce, Brian Forster and Suzanne Crough reprised their roles as Danny, Chris and Tracy Partridge, respectively, on PF2200AD. Susan Dey voiced Laurie for 2 episodes but had to split when she was cast in a film role.

    2 episodes, “My Son, The Spaceball Star” and “Car Trouble”, were included as bonuses on The Partridge Family: The Complete First Season DVD set.

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