How The New People Impacted The Bold Ones

When NBC announced its 1969-1970 schedule in February of 1969, included was a series called The Now People that would actually be the umbrella title for three individual shows that were, at the time, unnamed [1]. The Now People would include a legal drama, a police drama and a medical drama. Sound familiar? It should, because The Now People eventually became The Bold Ones. Although I have no way of knowing if NBC (or Universal Television, the production company) changed the name of the series because of ABC’s The New People, Broadcasting noted the similarity in names between the two shows when reporting on the title change:

There need not be confusion now over titles of two of the show going on the air in the fall: NBC-TV’s The Now People and ABC-TV’s The New People. NBC has changed the name of its series to The Bold Ones. The network noted the change last week in announcing E.G. Marshall as star in the Sunday, 10-11PM dramatic series. Mr. Marshall will be in the medical portion of the Universal TV-produced trilogy: three series within the one-hour format [2].

I have to say, The Now People just doesn’t have the gravitas as The Bold Ones.

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