ABC Mid-Season 1967 Thursday Lineup Promo

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Here’s a promotional spot for a portion of ABC’s mid-season 1967 Thursday night line-up, effective January 12th, 1967. It features Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched, Judy Carne from Love on a Rooftop and Marlo Thomas from That Girl. Bewitched shifted from 9PM to 8:30PM, Love on a Rooftop moved to Thursdays at 9PM from Tuesdays at 9:30PM and That Girl stayed put at 9:30PM.

This is from a black-and-white print of a color spot.

2 Replies to “ABC Mid-Season 1967 Thursday Lineup Promo”

  1. Gerald Mohr is the off-camera “interviewer”; the promo was filmed in “Samantha’s living room” during a production break on “‘BEWITCHED” (all Judy Carne had to do was take her own break, and walk down a corridor from a nearby soundstage where “LOVE ON A ROOFTOP” was filming). Marlo had to “commute” from Desilu [where “THAT GIRL” was filmed] to appear…

    1. That was when THE DATING GAME, which went in at 8:30 PM the previous October after THE TAMMY GRIMES SHOW crashed and burned in four episodes, was moved to Saturday and paired with a prime time version of THE NEWLYWED GAME, which in turn took he place of a TV adaptation of SHANE, with John Carradine in Alan Ladd’s role.

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