New Article: Joe and Mabel

I learned about this sitcom while doing a little background research for Cary O’Dell’s article on Meet Millie. I was especially interested to learn that CBS actually threw out six completed episodes and started fresh after pulling the show from its schedule only days before it was set to premiere. Take a look at Joe and Mabel:

This sitcom, based on a radio show of the same name, aired for thirteen episodes during the summer of 1956 on CBS. Larry Blyden and Nita Talbot starred. But there’s more to this show than just a short run. It was supposed to premiere in September of 1955 but was pulled at the last minute. A half-dozen completed episodes were thrown out and a new producer was brought in. It almost got on the air in January of 1956 and again in March of 1956. But it wasn’t until June of 1956 that it finally made the CBS schedule.

I couldn’t find any record of the aired episodes of Joe and Mabel at any of the “big four” archives (the Library of Congress, UCLA’s Film & Television Archive, the Museum of Broadcast Communications and the Paley Center for Media). So imagine how hard it will be to find the six scrapped episodes.

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