DVD Tuesday: The Fugitive, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Another Tuesday, another slew of DVD releases. This week there are only two classic television sets being released, neither of which qualify as obscure. There aren’t any new obscurities either, one season wonders from the past decade or so that are finally coming to DVD. Out today is The Fugitive, Season Two Volume Two. For those unaware, when Season Two Volume One of The Fugitive was released, the vast majority of the music had been changed. Fans were understandably upset. Here is a post at TVShowsOnDVD.com that links to an article attempting to explain the controversy over the music.

Last month, CBS Home Entertainment announced that it had set up a replacement program with much of the original music restored. Be sure to read this article at TVShowsOnDVD for more details. I don’t know whether Season Two Volume Two will have the same amount of original music as the “new” version of Volume One. Hopefully once fans start getting their hands on the latest release they’ll be able to figure out how much music has been replaced.

You can also pick up Season Four Volume one of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea today. Included is something called the “re-cut unaired pilot.” Fans who purchased Season One Volume One will recall that a color version of the broadcast pilot episode was included as an extra. This recut version is truly an alternate, unaired pilot.

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