The Jeffersons Series Premiere Promo

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Here’s a promotional spot heralding the premiere of The Jeffersons on CBS in January 1975. A spin-off of All in the Family, the sitcom would run until 1985.

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  1. On my cassette tape recordings of tv, my station in Hawaii gave the time at the end instead of cutting back to George were says “We are The Jeffersons”. And the CBS theme comes to an end. Thanks for putting up the file.

  2. That’s interesting. I would have assumed that network promotion was the same. Although it makes sense that stations in different parts of the country and in different timezones would to alter promotions to better suit their individual efforts.

  3. Hawaii was an interesting tv market. A Sunday Night Mannix would air in just 6 days on Saturdays. Other shows oover 10 days later on a different day of the week. Some shows just a week later like Hawaii Five-0.

  4. And if anyone has noticed….that’s Ernie Anderson voicing the promo. But this was not an ABC promo. A very rare instance of Anderson voicing a promo for another network.

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