Setting a Weekly Schedule for Updates

I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of setting a weekly schedule for updates here at Television Obscurities. I ran a survey a few months back and, among other things, asked if people would like to see a schedule for updates. Response was mixed. I’ve decided, however, that it will simplify matters on my end to have certain topics posted on certain days. I’ll also be publishing status guides, adding new entries to the Video Vault, discussing lost television and otherwise writing about all sorts of things pertaining to obscure television.

Here’s the schedule I’ve come up with:

Q & A

DVD Tuesday


New Articles/Exhibits/Show Spotlight

Historical Television Schedules


Historical Television Ratings

Show Spotlight is something new I’ve come up with that will allow me to write about obscure shows that I don’t have quite enough information to turn into a full-fledged article but still want to cover. I’ve already done two of these spotlights: Wild Cargo and The John Forsythe Show.

If I were launching Television Obscurities today there are several shows I probably wouldn’t have written articles on, instead consigning them to Show Spotlight status. Ferris Bueller, for example, and The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. Plus, now I have a way of writing about newer obscurities from the 1980s and 1990s without frustrating those who don’t consider anything broadcast in the last two decades obscure.

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