Some Changes for the New Year

If you’re a regular visitor to Television Obscurities, you might have noticed a few changes to the website. For starters, there is no longer a seperate blog section. Instead, the homepage now displays the latest blog posts rather than a static page. I was never happy with the static homepage. The blog is the most active part of Television Obscurities so it makes sense to showcase it right away without forcing visitors to click another link.

Speaking of links, most of them are now blue. That’s the standard color for HTML hyperlinks dating back to the 1990s. Because I often underline the titles of movies and plays in blog posts or articles, links were easily confused with the name of a movie. That won’t be a poblem anymore.

I’ve also removed the black-and-white header image from the website. Few people recognized Mary Kay and Johnny Stearns. I may replace it eventually with something else but for now the header is solid silver. The Television Obscurities logo looks very small now so I may try to make it larger in the future.

Finally, a few weeks ago I shut down my Patreon page. I can barely keep the website updated. There’s no way I can offer enough content to make Patreon worthwhile.

Let me know what you think of the changes and if there’s anything else you’d like to see updated or changed.

4 Replies to “Some Changes for the New Year”

  1. Thank you for your work on keeping the website available. I know that it costs you money to do so.

    One change I would suggest is deleting all of the old blog posts about the digital speciality channels, such as MeTV and Cozi TV. A surprising number of people apparently do a search for the channels, end up here, think they are communicating with a channel employee, and leave comments telling about problems they are having with the channels, and asking / demanding that you correct the problems. One poor man continually posts messages about his channel problem, and leaves his email address, even after I wrote him a polite email giving him the actual address for contacting the channel, and suggesting he ask someone more familiar with the Internet to help him send an email to the correct address.

    I know I shouldn’t worry over the numerous people who ask you for channel programing assistance, but I feel sorry for their lack of Internet know-how, and feel it may actually help them if a search for a digital channel didn’t send them here on the proverbial wild goose chase.

    1. That’s a great idea. Instead of deleting them, maybe I’ll close comments and add a note at the top about contacting the networks directly.

      1. It’s good to keep some info available on them for archival purposes. Sometimes people want to search for something they saw in the past and there’s far too many webpages that just disappear and take a lot of information with them.

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