Status of G.E. Summer Originals

What’s the status of G.E. Summer Originals (also known as General Electric Summer Originals)? The summer replacement series ran for ten weeks on ABC from June to September 1956. Copies of all ten episodes can be found at the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

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# Title Airdate Status
1 “It’s Sunny Again” 07/03/1956 UCLA
With Vivian Blaine, Jules Munchin and Shirley Mitchell.
2 “Duel at Dawn” 07/10/1956 UCLA
With James Mason, Pamela Kellino and Scott Forbes.
3 “Country Store” / “The Joe E. Brown Show” 06/17/1956 UCLA
With Joe E. Brown.
4 “Unwilling Witness” 07/24/1956 UCLA
With Zachary Scott and Frances Rafferty.
5 “Alias Mike Hercules” 07/31/1956 UCLA
With Hugh Beaumont, Anne Kimbal, Ellen Corby and Reginald Denny.
6 “The Green Parrot” 08/07/1956 UCLA
With Claude Daupin.
7 “Blizzard Bound” 08/28/1956 UCLA
With Donna Martell, Forrest Tucker and Bill Phipps.
8 “Dawn at Damascus” 09/04/1956 UCLA
With Gene Raymond, Paula Corday and Donald Murphy.
9 “The Great Lady” 09/11/1956 UCLA
With Ann Harding and Vera Miles.
10 “The Jungle Trap” 09/18/1956 UCLA
With Ronald Reagan and Lewis Martin.

Revised June 1st, 2016

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