Status of Cavalcade of Stars, Season 2

Note: This status guide originally covered all three seasons of Cavalcade of Stars but in 2016 was split into three different guides, each covering a single season. You can find the status guide for Season 1 here and the status guide for Season 3 here.

Cavalcade of Stars was an hour-long variety show broadcast by DuMont from 1949 to 1952. The series premiered in June 1949 with Jack Carter as host. He left following the February 11th, 1950 episode and was replaced by Jerry Lester. Jackie Gleason took over as host on July 8th, 1950 and stayed for nearly years. Larry Storch served as guest host for a month during the summer of 1951. He returned as guest host in July 1952 and stayed with the series until went off the air in September 1952.

Only four complete episodes from the 1950-1951 season are known to exist. The UCLA Film & Television Archive hsa two episodes in its collection. The Paley Center for Media has three episodes, one of which UCLA also has. The Paley Center has several unidentified episodes, segments, and sketches that may be from the 1949-1950 season.

As I always point out, just because the big TV archives and museums don’t have every episode of Cavalcade of Stars that doesn’t mean the episodes are lost, although because the series aired on DuMont it may be safe to assume that most episodes no longer exist.

Season 2: 1950-1951
# Episode Title Airdate Status
67 Episode 67 09/08/1950 Paley*
With Bert Wheeler, Vivian Blaine and Harold and Lola.
68 Episode 68 09/15/1950  
With John Charles Thomas, Connie Haines and George Tapps.
69 Episode 69 09/22/1950  
With Eddie Fisher, Clarence Stroud, Virginia Haskins and the Florida Trio.
70 Episode 70 09/29/1950  
With Jan Peerce and Bob Hammond’s Birds.
71 Episode 71 10/06/1950  
With Lucille Manners, Piero Brothers, Joey Bishop and the Beachcombers.
72 Episode 72 10/13/1950  
With Dick Haymes, June Taylor Girls, De Marlos and Manuel and Marita Viero.
73 Episode 73 10/20/1950 UCLA/Paley**
With Eddie Fisher, Betty and Jane Kean, Ken Whitmer, Maurice Wilcox and the June Taylor Girls.
74 Episode 74 10/27/1950  
With Earl Wrightson and Beverly Tyler.
75 Episode 75 11/03/1950  
With Thomas L. Thomas, Johnny Coy and Rolly Rolls.
76 Episode 76 11/10/1950  
With Jane Pickens, Roger Price, Dietrich and Diane, the June Taylor Girls.
77 Episode 77 11/17/1950  
With Thelma Carpenter, Joey Bishop, Brian Sullivan and Rolly & Bonnie Pickert.
78 Episode 78 11/24/1950  
With unknown guests.
79 Episode 79 12/01/1950  
With Nadine Connor, Guy Raymond and Frank Paris.
80 Episode 80 12/08/1950  
With Jay Marshall, De Marco Sisters and Milton Douglas.
81 Episode 81 12/15/1950  
With Jan Peerce, Irwin Corey and Marian Colby.
82 Episode 82 12/22/1950  
With Bert Wheeler, Elleen Barton and the Beachcombers.
83 Episode 83 12/29/1950  
With Blanche Thebom, Betty and Jane Kean, Jay Martin and June Taylor Girls.
84 Episode 84 01/05/1951  
With Joan Carroll, Fran Warren, Andre, Andree and Bonnie and the June Taylor Dancers.
85 Episode 85 01/12/1951  
With Richard Tucker, Jackie Miles, Marion Colby and the June Taylor Girls.
86 Episode 86 01/19/1951  
With Mimi Benzell, Harold & Lola, Steve Evans and the June Taylor Girls.
87 Episode 87 01/26/1951  
With Bert Wheeler, Irra Petina, Rey Rodell and Walter Dare Wahl.
88 Episode 88 02/02/1951  
With Georgia Gibbs, Art Lund, Robert Maxwell and the June Taylor Dancers.
89 Episode 89 02/09/1951  
With Igor Gorin, Florence Desmond and Maureen Cannon.
90 Episode 90 02/16/1951  
With Jane Pickens, Morey Amsterdam and Carlos Ramierz.
91 Episode 91 02/23/1951  
With the Minnevitch Rascals.
92 Episode 92 03/02/1951  
With Joey Bishop, Fran Warren, Carlos Ramirez and the June Taylor Dancers.
93 Episode 93 03/09/1951  
With Betty and Jane Kean, the Appletons and the June Taylor Dancers.
94 Episode 94 03/16/1951  
With Blanche Thebom, June Taylor Dancers and Maurice Rocco.
95 Episode 95 03/23/1951  
With Eugene Conley, Tenor; Hazel Scott and the N.Y.U. Chapel Choir.
96 Episode 96 03/30/1951  
With June Havoc, Jackie Miles and Carl Ravazza.
97 Episode 97 04/06/1951  
With Roberta Peters, Lew Parker with Jay Martin.
98 Episode 98 04/13/1951  
With Connee Boswell, Arnaut Brothers and Deep River Boys.
99 Episode 99 04/20/1951  
With Jack Smith, Rosalind Courtright, Phil Foster and the June Taylor Dancers.
100 Episode 100 04/27/1951  
With Billy Daniels, Jimmy Nelson, June Valli and the June Taylor Girls.
101 Episode 101 05/04/1951  
With Igor Gorin, Andy and Delia Russell, Johnny Mack and the June Taylor Dancers.
102 Episode 102 05/11/1951 Paley***
With Marie McDonald, Carlos Ramirez and Rudy Cardenas.
103 Episode 103 05/18/1951  
With Jan Peerce, Bert Wheeler, Jo Sullivan and the June Taylor Dancers.
104 Episode 104 05/25/1951  
With Hazel Scott, Joan Bennett and Vinni De Campo.
105 Episode 105 06/01/1951 Paley
With Mindy Carson and Billy Daniels.
106 Episode 106 06/08/1951  
With Martin Brothers, Eugene Conley and Al Norman.
107 Episode 107 06/15/1951 UCLA/Paley****
With Morey Amsterdam, Jo Sullivan and the Ames Brothers.
108 Episode 108 06/22/1951  
With Richard Tucker, Gracie Barrie, Geroge Kirby and the June Taylor Dancers.
109 Episode 109 06/29/1951  
With Igor Gorin, Jay Marshall and Beverly Hudson.
110 Episode 110 07/06/1951  
With Roberta Peters, Irving Fields Trio, Vinni de Campo and June Taylor Dancers.
111 Episode 111 07/13/1951  
With Rose Marie, Felix Knight and Steve Evans.
*Larry Storch Begins Hosting for the Summer*
112 Episode 112 07/20/1951  
With Larry Storch, Jan Peerce, Lina Romay and Rudy Cardenas.
113 Episode 113 07/27/1951  
With Larry Storch, Mary Mayo, William Warfield and the June Taylor Dancers.
114 Episode 114 08/03/1951  
Guest host Larry Storch; with Anne Shelton, Evelyn Tyner Trio, the June Taylor Dancers and Charles Kullman.
115 Episode 115 08/10/1951  
Guest host Larry Storch; with Rosemary Clooney, Walter Cassel, Liberace and the June Taylor Dancers.
PRE-EMPTED: All-Star Football Game 08/10/1951

*This episode is undated in the online Paley Archive but based on the guests–Bert Wheeler and Vivian Blaine–it aired on September 8th, 1950.
**The Paley Center has 28 minutes from an episode with guest Eddie Fisher dated Thursday, October 26th, 1950. Cavalcade of Stars aired on Fridays. This is likely a portion of the episode with Eddie Fisher that aired on Thursday, October 20th, 1950.
***The Paley Center has a compilation of skits from various episodes including the May 11th, 1951 episode.
****This episode is undated in the online Paley Archive but based on the guests–Morey Amsterdam, Jo Sullivan, and the Ames Brothers–it aired on September 8th, 1950.

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