Status of Cavalcade of Stars, Season 3

Note: This status guide originally covered all three seasons of Cavalcade of Stars but in 2016 was split into three different guides, each covering a single season. You can find the status guide for Season 1 here and the status guide for Season 2 here.

Cavalcade of Stars was an hour-long variety show broadcast by DuMont from 1949 to 1952. The series premiered in June 1949 with Jack Carter as host. He left following the February 11th, 1950 episode and was replaced by Jerry Lester. Jackie Gleason took over as host on July 8th, 1950 and stayed for nearly years. Larry Storch served as guest host for a month during the summer of 1951. He returned as guest host in July 1952 and stayed with the series until went off the air in September 1952.

Two episodes may not have aired in July 1952 due to coverage of political conventions: the July 11th episode may have been pre-empted for coverage of the Republican National Convention while the July 25th episode may have been pre-empted for coverage of the Democratic National Convention. Although weekly TV listings in The New York Times indicate Cavalcade of Stars aired on both these dates, daily listings show convention coverage instead. Daily listings in other newspapers include Cavalcade of Stars while warning that the listings were subject to change due to coverage of the conventions.

The very first Honeymooners sketch aired during the October 5th, 1951 episode. According to Wikipedia, 26 Honeymooners sketches were performed during this season, several of which are considered lost.

At least 10 complete episodes from this season are known to exist, plus excerpts or segments from several others. The UCLA Film & Television Archive has one episode in its collection. The Museum of Broadcast Communications also has that episode. The Paley Center for Media has nine complete episodes.

As I always point out, just because the big TV archives and museums don’t have every episode of Cavalcade of Stars that doesn’t mean the episodes are lost, although because the series aired on DuMont it may be safe to assume that most episodes no longer exist.

Season 3: 1951-1952
# Episode Title Airdate Status
116 Episode 116 08/24/1951  
With Gracie Barrie, Robert Maxwell and Champ Butler.
117 Episode 117 08/31/1951  
With Luba Malina, Champ Butler and Les Pablos.
118 Episode 118 09/07/1951  
With Jan Peerce, Darla Hood and Maurice Rocco.
119 Episode 119 09/14/1951  
With Kitty Kallen, Donald Richards and Paul Dixon.
120 Episode 120 09/21/1951  
With Mimi Benzell, Carl Ravazza and Kathryn Lee.
121 Episode 121 09/28/1951 Paley
With Rosalind Courtright, Jackie Heller and Harold and Lola.
122 Episode 122 10/05/1951 Paley*
With Pearl Bailey, Bill Callahan and Donald Richards.
123 Episode 123 10/12/1951 Paley
With Mel Torme and Lois Hunt.
124 Episode 124 10/19/1951  
With Lanny Ross, Kitty Kallen and Harold and Lola.
125 Episode 125 10/26/1951 UCLA/MBC
With Georgia Gibbs and Arthur Lee Simpkins.
126 Episode 126 11/02/1951 Paley
With Julie Wilson, Don Cornell and Gehrig and Weissmuler.
127 Episode 127 11/09/1951 Paley**
With Roberta Peters, Alan Dale and Bob Foesse.
128 Episode 128 11/16/1951 Paley
With Igor Gorin and Carmen Cavaliero.
129 Episode 129 11/23/1951  
With Dick Haymes, Georgie Tapps and Nancy Wright.
130 Episode 130 11/30/1951  
With Yvette, Richard Tucker and George Kirby.
131 Episode 131 12/07/1951 Paley
With Cab Calloway and Mary Mays.
132 Episode 132 12/14/1951 Paley
With Jan Peerce, Martha Stewart and Verna Raymond.
133 Episode 133 12/21/1951 Paley
With Jane Pickens and the Beachcombers.
134 Episode 134 12/28/1951 Paley***
With Verna Raymond.
135 Episode 135 01/04/1952  
With Jane Morgan and Champ Butler.
136 Episode 136 01/11/1952  
With Hazel Scott, Chaz Chase and Trini Reyes.
137 Episode 137 01/18/1952  
Guest host Art Carney; with Kitty Kallen, Four Beachcombers, Verna Raymond and Jay Marshall.
138 Episode 138 01/25/1952  
With Morton Downey and Teresa Brewer.
139 Episode 139 02/01/1952  
With Peggy Lee, Carlos Ramirez and Mrs. Kathryn Murray.
140 Episode 140 02/08/1952  
With Art Carney, June Taylor Dancers, Eugene Conley and Polly Bergen.
141 Episode 141 02/15/1952  
With Art Carney, June Taylor Dancers, Donald Richards and Lois Hunt.
142 Episode 142 02/22/1952  
With Art Carney, June Taylor Dancers, Mel Torme and Thelma Carpenter.
143 Episode 143 02/29/1952  
With Robert Rounseville and Betty George.
144 Episode 144 03/07/1952  
With Jan Peerce and Roberta Quinlan.
145 Episode 145 03/14/1952  
With Clark Dennis and Nancy Donovan.
146 Episode 146 03/21/1952  
With Alan Dale and Yvette.
147 Episode 147 03/28/1952  
With Connie Haines and Stuart Harris.
148 Episode 148 04/04/1952  
With Dorothy Dandridge and Del Casina.
149 Episode 149 04/11/1952  
With Peggy Lee and Lawrence Winters.
150 Episode 150 04/18/1952  
With Art Carney, Deep River Boys and Mary Mayo.
151 Episode 151 04/25/1952  
With Art Carney, Beverly Hudson and Tony Bennett.
152 Episode 152 05/02/1952  
With Art Carney, Johnny Desmond and Betty George.
153 Episode 153 05/09/1952  
With Toni Arden, Jimmy Nelson and Ralph Young.
154 Episode 154 05/16/1952  
With Jane Pickens and Merv Griffin.
155 Episode 155 05/23/1952  
With Donald Richards and Jane Morgan.
156 Episode 156 05/30/1952  
With Eugene Conley and Colette Lyons.
157 Episode 157 06/06/1952  
With Morten Downey and the DeCastro Sisters.
158 Episode 158 06/13/1952 Paley****
With Nat Cole, Mary Mayo, Art Carney and the June Taylor Dancers.
159 Episode 159 06/20/1952 Paley
With Richard Tucker and Teresa Brewer.
160 Episode 160 06/27/1952  
With Art Carney, Paul Remas and Connie Russell.
*Larry Storch Begins Hosting for the Summer*
161 Episode 161 07/04/1952  
With Roberta Peters, Maurice Rocco, Trini Reyes and Derby Wilson.
162 Episode 162 07/11/1952  
With Connie Haines, Earl Wrightson, and Robert Maxwell.
163 Episode 163 07/18/1952  
With Mel Torme, Kitty Kallen and the Clark Brothers.
164 Episode 164 07/25/1952  
With Connie Russell, Donald Richards, and Florian Zabach.
165 Episode 165 08/01/1952  
With Carmen Cavellero, Tony Bavaar and June Valli.
166 Episode 166 08/08/1952  
With Bob Crosby, Jimmy Nelson and Gisele MacKenzie.
PRE-EMPTED: College All-Stars vs. Los Angeles 08/15/1952
167 Episode 167 08/22/1952  
With Doretta Morrow and Don Cornell.
169 Episode 169 08/29/1952  
With Jane Pickens and Alan Dale.
170 Episode 170 09/05/1952  
With Jan Peerce and Marilyn Ross.
171 Episode 171 09/12/1952  
With Georgia Gibbs and Earl Wrightson.
172 Episode 172 09/19/1952  
With Tony Bavaar and Lois Hunt.
173 Episode 173 09/26/1952  
With Donald Richards and Mary Mayo.

*The Paley Center has a copy of the October 5th, 1951 episode in its collection (in two parts). UCLA has a copy of “The Honeymooners: The Really Lost Debut Episodes” special that aired in May 1994, which includes the first Honeymooners sketch from this episode as well as five other sketches, but does not have a copy of the episode itself.
**The Paley Center has “selected routines” from the November 9th, 1951 episode.
***The Paley Center has 30 minutes from the December 28th, 1951 episode. Additional material may be included on a compilation of “various sketches” from several episodes.
****The Paley Center has a “segment” of the June 13th, 1952 episode that runs 37 minutes.

Revised June 2nd, 2016

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