Status of Kraft Television Theatre, Season 10

Kraft Television Theatre broadcast some 585 episodes on NBC between May 1947 and October 1958. The series ran year-round with no summer breaks, meaning it didn’t have traditional seasons. I’ve aligned this status guide with episode lists and guides available online, like those found at, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), and the Classic TV Archive (CTVA).

Season 10 of Kraft Television Theatre premiered in September 1956 and ended in September 1957. NBC broadcast 52 episodes this season, of which at least 45 episodes survive.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) has 34 episodes from this season in its collection. The Library of Congress (LOC) has 23 episodes. The UCLA Film & Television Archive (UCLA) has four. Together, these three institutions have copies of all but seven episodes from Season 10.

Keep in mind that just because the big TV archives/museums only have certain episodes doesn’t mean there aren’t additional episodes of Kraft Television Theatre from the 1956-1957 season out there somewhere.

Season 10: 1956-1957
# Episode Title Airdate Status
483 “Out to Kill” 9/19/1956 LOC/MBC
484 “The Plunge” 9/26/1956 LOC/MBC
485 “The Life of Mickey Mantle” 10/3/1956 LOC
486 The Murder of a Sand Flea” 10/10/1956 LOC
487 “I Am Fifteen–And I Don’t Want to Die” 10/17/1956 LOC
488 “Ten Grapefruit to Lisbon” 10/24/1956 LOC/MBC
489 “Hit and Run” 10/31/1955 LOC
490 “Shadow of Suspicion” 11/7/1956 LOC/MBC
491 “Before It’s Too Late” 11/14/1956 LOC
492 “The Day of the Hunter” 11/21/1956 LOC
493 “Time Lock” 11/28/1956 LOC
494 “The Ninth Hour” 12/5/1955 LOC/MBC
495 “Teddy Bear” 12/12/1956 MBLOCC
496 “The Wonderful Gift” 12/19/1956 LOC/MBC
497 “The Just and the Unjust” 12/26/1956 LOC/MBC
498 “Hang Up My Guns” 1/2/1957 UCLA
499 “Six Hours of Terror” 1/9/1957 LOC/MBC
500 “No Warning” 1/16/1957 LOC/MBC
501 “Most Blessed Woman” 1/23/1957 MBC
502 “The Singing Idol” 1/30/1957 LOC/MBC/UCLA
503 “The Discoverers” 2/6/1957  
504 “The Man Who Couldn’t Say No” 2/13/1957  
505 “Give Me the Courage” 2/20/1956 MBC
506 “A Travel from Brussels” 2/27/1957 MBC
507 “The Duel” 3/6/1957 LOC
508 “Collision” 3/13/1957 MBC
509 “Night of the Plague” 3/20/1957 LOC/MBC
510 “Sheriff’s Ma” 3/27/1957 MBC
511 “The Medallion” 4/3/1957 MBC
PRE-EMPTED: Hallmark Hall of Fame 4/10/1957  
512 “A Matter of Life” 4/17/1957  
513 “A Night of Rain” 4/24/1957 MBC
514 “Drummer Man” 5/1/1957  
515 “Flesh and Blood” 5/8/1957 MBC
516 “The Glass Wall” 5/15/1957  
517 “Man of Prey” 5/22/1957 MBC
518 “All Those Beautiful Girls” 5/29/1957 MBC
519 “The Roaring Twenties” 6/5/1957 MBC/UCLA
520 “Fire and Ice” 6/12/1957 MBC
521 “Nothing Personal” 6/19/1957 MBC
522 “The Curly-Headed Kid” 6/26/1957 MBC/UCLA
523 “The Long Flight” 7/3/1957 LOC/MBC
524 “The First and the Last” 7/10/1957 MBC
525 “The Big Break” 7/17/1957 LOC/MBC
526 “Welcome to a Stranger” 7/24/1957 MBC
527 “Success!” 7/31/1957 MBC
528 “Sextuplets” 8/7/1957 LOC
529 “Circle of Fear” 8/14/1957 MBC
530 “Ride into Danger” 8/21/1957 MBC
531 “Sing a Song” 8/28/1957 MBC
532 “Triumph” 9/4/1957  
533 “The Old Ticker” 9/11/1957 MBC
534 “The Killer Instinct” 9/18/1957 MBC

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4 Replies to “Status of Kraft Television Theatre, Season 10”

  1. 46 episodes is a great number to be saved from a 1950s season. I suspect the show never went into syndication, so the episodes may not have been considered financially valuable.

  2. The following episodes mostly from the next year also exist:
    DE 458-459

    “All The King’s Men” [Part I]

    DE 460-461

    “All The King’s Men” [Part II]

    DE 444-445

    “Angry Harvest”

    DE 478-479

    “Last of the Belles”

    DE 476-477

    “The Outcasts of Poker Flat”

    DE 456-457


  3. I know that by this point, Kraft Television Theatre transitioned to being broadcast in color (I recall reading that the first color episode of the series aired in July of 1956). Considering that there are very few surviving color telecasts prior to 1959, it is likely that the surviving episodes of Kraft Television Theatre from July of 1956 until the series ended in October of 1958 exist in black and white only.

  4. Episode 514 “Drummer Man” 5/1/1957, was starring Sal Mineo, and featured him singing his single “Start Movin’”, the appearance led to this single appearing on the Billboard chart within days. It appears this episode is one of the “lost” ones according to this list. Is there ANY chance it could be out there somewhere? I’d love to see it.

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