Status of Cavalcade of Stars, Season 1

Note: This status guide originally covered all three seasons of Cavalcade of Stars but in 2016 was split into three different guides, each covering a single season. You can find the status guide for Season 2 here and the status guide for Season 3 here.

Cavalcade of Stars was an hour-long variety show broadcast by DuMont from 1949 to 1952. The series premiered in June 1949 with Jack Carter as host. He left following the February 11th, 1950 episode and was replaced by Jerry Lester. Jackie Gleason took over as host on July 8th, 1950 and stayed for nearly years. Larry Storch served as guest host for a month during the summer of 1951. He returned as guest host in July 1952 and stayed with the series until went off the air in September 1952.

This was a difficult status guide to put together. Using TV listings from The New York Times I initially came up with a total of 170 episodes broadcast between June 1949 and September 1952. According to both and the Internet Movie Database, there were 171 episodes. The Classic TV Archive lists 172 episodes. Two episodes scheduled to air during July 1952 may have been pre-empted for coverage of the Republican and Democratic national conventions. If those two episodes were broadcast, that brings the total count to 172 episodes.

At least 11 episodes from the 1949-1950 season of Cavalcade of Stars are known to exist, held by The UCLA Film & Television Archive or The Paley Center for Media. UCLA also has the first half of one episode and the second of another. The Paley Center has several unidentified episodes, segments, and sketches that may be from the 1949-1950 season.

The earliest surviving episode was broadcast on September 10th, 1949. UCLA has a copy in its collection.

As I always point out, just because the big TV archives and museums don’t have every episode of Cavalcade of Stars that doesn’t mean the episodes are lost, although because the series aired on DuMont it may be safe to assume that most episodes no longer exist.

Season 1: 1949-1950
# Episode Title Airdate Status
1 Episode 1 06/04/1949  
With the Sammy Spear Orchestra and Joan Edwards.
2 Episode 2 06/11/1949  
With the Sammy Spear Orchestra, Ella Logan and Maurice Rocco.
3 Episode 3 06/18/1949  
With the Sammy Spear Orchestra and Marilyn Maxwell.
4 Episode 4 06/25/1949  
With the Sammy Spear Ochestra and Mimi Benzell.
5 Episode 5 07/02/1949  
With the Sammy Spear Orchestra, Vivian Blaine, Ronnie Lee, Mata and Hari, Los Gattos and Al Trahan.
6 Episode 6 07/09/1949  
With Fred and Susay Barry and Kay Starr
7 Episode 7 07/16/1949  
With Pearl Bailey, Robert Weede, Peggy Taylor, Lawlor and Clarke, the Nonchalants and Vic Hyde.
8 Episode 8 07/23/1949  
With Jackie Miles, Kitty Kallen, Four Step Brothers, Trixie, Martin Brothers and the Andrew Twins.
9 Episode 9 07/30/1949  
With Victor Borge, Thelma Carpenter, Beatrice Kraft and Dancers and the Emerald Sisters.
10 Episode 10 08/06/1949  
With Henny Youngman, Ethel Smith, Joan Merrill, Raye and Naldi, Vic and Addio and the Spear Orchestra.
11 Episode 11 08/13/1949  
With Janet Blair, Blackburn Twins, Zero Mostel, Carl Ravazza, the Shyrettos and Dorothy Jarnac.
12 Episode 12 08/20/1949  
With unknown guests.
13 Episode 13 08/27/1949  
With Georgia Gibbs, the Pitchmen, Kathryn Lee, Winter Sisters, Phil Foster and the Treniers.
14 Episode 14 09/03/1949  
With Luba Malina, Golden Gate Quartet, Ray Malone, Helen and Howard and George Prentice.
15 Episode 15 09/10/1949 UCLA*
With Paul Winchell, Joan Edwards, Donald Richards, Acro-Maniacs and Clark Brothers.
16 Episode 16 09/17/1949  
With Hazel Scott, Jackie Miles, The Fontaines, Stan Fisher, Mirian Colby and the Canton Brothers.
17 Episode 17 09/24/1949  
With Connie Boswell, Lew Parker, Carlos Ramirez, The Lovernes, Evelyn Farney; Earl and Jack and Betty.
18 Episode 18 10/01/1949  
With Kitty Carlisle, Tito Guizar and Jean Carroll.
19 Episode 19 10/08/1949  
With Marie MacDonald, Cab Calloway and Gil Lamb.
20 Episode 20 10/15/1949  
With Carol Bruce, Josh White, Calgary Brothers, Landre and Verna, Ted and Flo Vallett and Alice Pierce.
21 Episode 21 10/22/1949  
With Dorothy Claire, Walter Dale Hall, DeCastro Sisters and The Chords.
22 Episode 22 10/29/1949  
With Vivian Blaine, Zero Mostel, Luis Mariano, Virginia Lee and Richard Adair Dancers.
23 Episode 23 11/05/1949  
With Willie Shore, Gali Gali, Kitty Kallen and Laurette and Clymes.
24 Episode 24 11/12/1949  
With Bert Wheeler, Kitty Kallen and the Spaulding Trio.
25 Episode 25 11/19/1949  
With Lina Romay, Hal LeRoy and The Tumbling Hortons.
26 Episode 26 11/26/1949  
With Ilona Massey, Marx Brothers, Pinky Lee, MIras and Miranda and Bill Graves.
27 Episode 27 12/03/1949  
With Vera Vague and Joan Merrill.
28 Episode 28 12/10/1949  
With Smith and Dale, De Marco Sisters and Lee Marx.
29 Episode 29 12/17/1949  
With Jack Durant, Monica Lewis and Willie West.
30 Episode 30 12/24/1949  
With Paul Winchell, Hazel Scott, Peggy Taylor Trio and the Melody Men.
31 Episode 31 12/31/1949  
With Rosario and Antonio, Jean Carroll, David Powell and the Wong Sisters.
32 Episode 32 01/07/1950  
With Chico Marx, Alexander Brothers and Johnny Mack.
33 Episode 33 01/14/1950  
With Frances Langford, Jack Leonard, Step Brothers, Ladd Lyon and Bobby Whaling.
34 Episode 34 01/21/1950  
With Mindy Carson, Deep Riber Boys, Leo De Lyon and the Lane Brothers.
35 Episode 35 01/28/1950 Paley
With Robert Merrill, Richard Adair Dancers and Jack E. Leonard.
36 Episode 36 02/04/1950  
With Andy and Della Russell, Jay Marshall, Patricia Bowman and Monroe and Grant.
37 Episode 37 02/11/1950  
With Jane Pickens, Buck and Bubbles, Hamilton Dancers and The Great Barton.
*Jack Carter Leaves*
38 Episode 38 02/18/1950 Paley
Guest host Burt Wheeler; with Joan Edwards, Johnny Coy and the Slate Brothers.
39 Episode 39 02/25/1950  
Guest host Jackie Miles; with Gigi Durston, Betty Bruce, Stan Kavanagh, Vanderbilt Boys and The Appletons.
*Jerry Lester Begins Hosting*
40 Episode 40 03/04/1950  
With Janis Paige, Salvatore Baccaloni, Dorothy Jarnac, The Irving Fields Trio and the Mayo Brothers.
41 Episode 41 03/11/1950  
With Connie Haines, Maurice Rocco, Bob Scheerer, The Chandra Kaly Dancers, Wells and the Four Fays.
42 Episode 42 03/18/1950  
With Janet Blair, Christine and Moll and Lee Marks.
43 Episode 43 03/25/1950  
With Chester Morris and Kyle MacDonnell.
44 Episode 44 04/01/1950  
With Gertrude Niesen, Bert Gordon and John Loder
45 Episode 45 04/08/1950 Paley
With Bert Wheeler, Jerry Wayne and Kyle MacDonnell
46 Episode 46 04/15/1950 UCLA**
With J. Carroll Naish and Kyle MacDonnell.
47 Episode 47 04/22/1950 UCLA***
With Kyle MacDonnell, David Burns, Johnny Johnston, Galli-Galli and Ramona Lang.
48 Episode 48 04/29/1950  
With Kyle MacDonnell, Sam Levenson, The Korn Kobblers, Yvonne and Clavel and Sarrar.
49 Episode 49 05/06/1950  
With Mimi Benzell, Four Step Brothers, Smith and Dale and Leonard Sues.
50 Episode 50 05/13/1950  
With Kurt Jons Dancers, Elsa and Waldo, Jack Pearl and Cliff Hall.
51 Episode 51 05/20/1950 UCLA
With Jackie Robinson, Mindy Carson, Lucienne and Ashour and Rex Raymer.
52 Episode 52 05/27/1950 UCLA****
With Carl Ravazza, Keye Luke, Ray Malone and Susan Miller.
53 Episode 53 06/03/1950 UCLA/Paley
First anniversary show; with John Garfield, Jane Pickens, Paul Winchell and The Escourtiers.
54 Episode 54 06/10/1950  
With Larry Storch, Kitty Kailen, Stan Fisher and Mario and Floria.
55 Episode 55 06/17/1950  
With Jackie Miles, Vivian Blaine and Carlos Ramirez.
56 Episode 56 06/24/1950  
With Anna Maria Alberghetti, Evelyn Farney, Beatrice Kay, Leonard Sues and Wally Brown.
57 Episode 57 07/01/1950  
With Georgia Gibbs.
58 Episode 58 07/08/1950  
With Rose Marie and Hank Ladd.
*Jackie Gleason Begins Hosting*
59 Episode 59 07/15/1950  
With Gloria Da Haven, Eddie Fisher, Schaller Brothers and Roger Ray.
60 Episode 60 07/22/1950  
With Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Murtagh, and Ray and Naidi.
61 Episode 61 07/29/1950 UCLA/Paley+
With The Modernaires, Martin Brothers, Ada Lynne and Evelyn Farney’s Morrison Dancers.
62 Episode 62 08/05/1950  
With Bert Wheeler, Billy Daniels, Cabot and Dresden, Dorothy Claire and the Kanazawa Trio.
63 Episode 63 08/12/1950  
With Andy and Della Russell and Leo de Lyon.
64 Episode 64 08/19/1950 UCLA
With Frances Langford, Victor Borge, Don Richards and Gloria Gilbert.
65 Episode 65 08/26/1950 UCLA
With Richard Tucker, Three Suns, the Appletons, Ann Anderson and the June Taylor Girls.
66 Episode 66 09/02/1950 UCLA
With Joe Smith and Charley Dale, Gracie Barrie and the Beachcombers.

*This episode is dated “1949-09” in the UCLA catalog. Based on the guests it was broadcast on September 10th, 1949.
**UCLA only has the second half of the April 15th, 1950 episode.
***UCLA only has the first half of the April 22nd, 1950 episode.
****UCLA has an episode its catalog says aired on May 25th, 1950. This is probably the May 27th, 1950 episode.
+The Paley Center only has a 23-minute excerpt from the July 29th, 1950 episode.

Revised June 2nd, 2016

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3 Replies to “Status of Cavalcade of Stars, Season 1”

  1. It was because that DuMont just “threw out” their kinnies of “CAVALCADE OF STARS” after a period of time- and Jackie Gleason eventually found out about it- that made him determined to save his, personally. This is why his 1952-’70 CBS contracts specifically stated he receive a copy of virtually EVERY show he did, kinescoped- and later on videotape. There wouldn’t be any “Lost Episodes” of “The Honeymooners” (from his variety show) today if he hadn’t.

    Some of the “CAVALCADE OF STARS” kinnnies were also saved by one of Gleason’s writers, Snag Werris…

  2. There is an episode of “Cavalcade of Stars” in the Internet Archive at which doesn’t match any of the episodes in this Guide. It’s hosted by Jerry Lester and has guests The Schaller Brothers, Kyle MacDonald, Gali Gali, and Jackie Robinson. A reviewer on the Internet Archive assumed it was the May 20, 1950 show based on Jackie Robinson’s appearance, but none of the other guests match your entry in this guide.

    Funny that “reviewer” didn’t actually watch the show before commenting there; instead they just quoted this page.

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