Status of New Comedy Showcase

What’s the status of New Comedy Showcase, a CBS summer replacement series from 1960? It ran for eight weeks and each week offered a half-hour unsold pilot. The UCLA Film & Television Archive has three of these pilots in its collection.

UCLA actually has two different versions of “You’re Only Young Twice.” One version is the pilot as broadcast as part o New Comedy Showcase while the other is the version that aired on ABC in 1968 as part of Vacation Playhouse.

Read more about New Comedy Showcase in my article Unsold Pilots on Television, 1956-1966.

# Title Airdate Status
1 “You’re Only Young Twice” 08/01/1960 UCLA
With George Murphy and Martha Scott.
2 “Johnny Come Lately” 08/08/1960
With Jack Carson and Marie Windsor.
3 “They Went Thataway” 08/15/1960
With James Westerfield, Ron Hagerthy.
4 “The Trouble with Richard” 08/22/1960
With Dick Van Dyke.
5 “Maggie” 08/29/1960 UCLA
With Margaret O’Brien, Fay Baker and Leon Ames.
6 “Slezak and Son” 09/05/1960 UCLA
With Walter Slezak and Leo Slezak.
7 “Maisie” 09/12/1960
With Janis Paige.
8 “Waldo” 09/19/1960
With Gil Stratton.

Revised June 2nd, 2016

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