The New People/Charlie’s Angels Connection

What does a short-lived drama that ran from 1969-1970 have to do with ABC’s wildly popular Charlie’s Angels? Not much. For the past few years The New People‘s Internet Movie Database trivia page has included the following entry:

The footage of the plane crash was later used in an episode of “Charlie’s Angels” (1976) entitled “The Mexican Connection”.

“The Mexican Connection” was the second episode of the first season of Charlie’s Angels and originally aired on Wednesday, September 29th, 1976. Currently the first three seasons of the series can be viewed for free (in the United States) at and that includes “The Mexican Connection.” Here is the footage in question. It might take a minute or two to load.

Update October 10th, 2012: Unfortunately, this video is no longer available.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe people outside the United States will be able to watch the above clip. But it is from The New People. Both shows were produced by Aaron Spelling so the reuse is easily explained away.

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  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Proof positive that Aaron Spelling had episodes of “THE NEW PEOPLE” “tucked away” somewhere during the ’70s, especially if he used “stock footage” from it for another of his series. I believe he was the one who donated HIS prints of all 17 episodes to UCLA’s Film and Television Archive, just to “get rid of it” (meaning, he just didn’t want to sustain the cost of keeping them in personal storage).

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