Anne Roberts Nelson, 64-Year Veteran of CBS, Passes Away

This isn’t related to obscure television per se but I feel it is worth mentioning nonetheless. Anne Roberts Nelson, who I had never heard of before today, spent 64 years working for CBS (first in radio, then in television), was one of the first female executives in radio/television and worked on contracts for shows like I Love Lucy, All in the Family and Gunsmoke. She passed away on June 20th at the age of 86, having been laid off in December 2008 (she left in 2009). TVWeek has the official CBS obituary; other obituaries can be found at Variety and the Los Angeles Times.

It is simply incredible to think of the television history Nelson lived through and had a hand in. She may not be a name outside of the company where she has a floor named after her at CBS Television City, but Nelson certainly had an impact during her 64 years with CBS.

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  1. This woman is truly and unsung hero. She was a corporate working Mother before it was fashionable. She worked in a job quietly, behind the scenes because she had polish, expertise and the ability to work with both genders as a capable person.

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