New Exhibit: More Famous Faces Do Commercials

Just under a year ago I opened one of my first exhibits, Famous Faces Do Commercials, with 25 commercials featuring actors and actresses, musicians and even an astronaut. Today I’m opening my latest exhibit, More Famous Faces Do Commercials, with another 25 commercials. Included are commercials featuring Dorothea McGowan, Bing Crosby, Jane Seymour, Kenny Rogers, Michael J. Fox, The Simpsons, Farah Fawcett, Cliff Robertson and more.

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One Reply to “New Exhibit: More Famous Faces Do Commercials”

  1. I wish I could upload to Youtube an obscure 1976 spot I came across of Rex Harrison from “My Fair Lady” doing a knockoff of his Professor Higgins characer in a knockoff MFL production number touting the virtues of the Dodge Aspen automobile. To have gotten a man of Harrison’s prickly reputation to do a commercial, and then to spring for the production values designed to carefully copy the look and sound of “My Fair Lady” had to have been one expensive job!

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