DVD Tuesday: The Donna Reed Show, The Lucy Show

Several classic shows are getting full season releases today. You can pick up The Donna Reed Show: The Complete Second Season, Charlie’s Angels: The Complete Fourth Season and/or The Lucy Show: The Official First Season. The Lucy Show ran from 1962 to 1967 and was Lucille Ball’s first solo series following the long-running I Love Lucy (1951-1957) and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1957-1960).

She played widow Lucy Carmichael, mother of two children who lived with her best buddy Vivian Bagley (played by I Love Lucy co-star Vivian Vance). After three seasons the show shifted formats dramatically. Vance left and the kids were written out of the series. Some thirty public domain episodes from the entire six-season run have been released previously but this is the first official release and you get all thirty episodes from the 1962-1963 season.

Also out today is Route 66: Season 3 Volume 1, which ran from 1960 to 1964 on CBS. According to TVShowsOnDVD.com you can expect to see Season 3, Volume 2 released on October 20th and The Complete Season Three on January 12th, 2010. A word of warning: an exclusive Complete Season 3 available at Best Buy and Critic’s Choice includes some defective discs. Read this press release for the full details.

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3 Replies to “DVD Tuesday: The Donna Reed Show, The Lucy Show”

  1. THANKS YOU CBS for your great packaging of the Official First Season of The Lucy Show, and let hope the rest of the series will mantained the quality and bonuses of the frist season!!!

  2. “THE LUCY SHOW” was filmed in black and white for its first season, and was co-sponsored by General Foods {Jell-O, etc.} and Lever Brothers {Swan, Dove, Etc.}. Vivian used to appear in “integrated” commercials for the sponsors at the end of the episodes [Lucy rarely, if ever, did them]. Desi Arnaz was executive producer during the first few episodes, and left Desilu in November 1962, leaving producer Elliott Lewis (Mary Jane Croft’s husband; she originally appeared occasionally as “Audrey” during the first three seasons, then basically played “herself”- using her married name, Mary Jane LEWIS- during the last three seasons) in charge.

    The second season was the first to be filmed in color, but aired in black & white on CBS, as was the following season, until the fall of 1965 [the network did not telecast ANY color programs from 1959 through ’65 because of chairman Bill Paley’s rivalry with RCA/NBC over the use of color programming {as Paley saw it} as an excuse to sell more RCA Victor color sets]…

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