DVD Tuesday: Wagon Train, The Paper Chase

There are only two releases of note this week. Timeless Media Group’s Wagon Train – The Complete First Season, was supposed to come out on November 17th but was delayed until today. The set includes all 39 black and white episodes from the 1957-1958 season. A variety of episodes have been released in the past in both VHS and DVD and last November Timeless issued the 1963-1964 color season (the show’s seventh). Also out today, from Shout! Factory, is The Paper Chase: Season Two, featuring all 19 episodes from the 1984-1985 season. Usually I don’t include shows broadcast after 1979 but for The Paper Chase I’ll make an exception due to the unusual circumstances under which it was renewed for a second season. CBS canceled the show after the 1978-1979 season and several years later Showtime started producing new episodes. The first season came out April.

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