Q & A: WMAR-TV’s Stu Kerr

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What ever happen to Stew Kerr, he was a very popular children’s TV show actor in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s in one kid’s show he was known Professor Kool or Cool. On Baltimore TV.

Stu Kerr passed away on July 17th, 1994 at the age of 66. He began a lengthy career with station WMAR-TV in Baltimore, Maryland in 1952 and ultimately spent 29 years there, leaving in 1981 when, according to an obituary published in The Washington Post, “new management decided his time had passed” [1]. While at WMAR-TV he appeared in a variety of children’s shows, including Bozo the Clown and Professor Kool’s Fun Skool. According to Hi There, Boys and Girls!: America’s Local Children’s TV Shows, Kerr also played Mr. Morning on Mr. Morning’s Clubhouse [2]. He served as host for WMAR-TV’s version of Dialing for Dollars and had a recurring role on ABC’s Captain Kangaroo as Mr. Scoop Toot.

After leaving WMAR-TV in 1981, Kerr moved to WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. where he was a weatherman. He also began playing Commander Stukker on 54 Space Corps. His Variety obituary noted that he began his broadcasting career as a page at NBC in New York City, “where he would pull old radio scripts from the trash and practice reading them” [3].

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  • Melissa L. Carter-Brown says:

    I was a participant on professor kool school. My birthday is August 14, 1966. I celebrate this week. I enjoyed being on the show and my uncle Lee Barton worked for channel 2 at that time and after to a couple years ago. We need more good programming and interactions for kids. It helped me to be a survivor and strong family orientations. Thank you in advance for your consideration in the matter for more and better television programming for kids and adult participation on local and cable networks to reruns and syndications

  • Ed Goldyn says:

    What is the name of the “Whistling Tune” that Stu Kerr used to pantomime to in the early 50’s on WMAR TV ? I can not locate it on line, and I know it is there somewhere ?

  • Earl. R says:

    Stu Kerr was hilarious as professor kool with the mustache and eyebrows, one of my all time favorites, and what was the name of that theme music for the show.(awesome)

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