Los Angeles Pulse Ratings, March 1950

As is often the case I don’t know the exact period covered by these Pulse rankings. The April 10th, 1950 article in The Los Angeles Times I’m using as a source simply refers to the “latest Pulse ratings” and also doesn’t include the actual rankings. It mentions only that station KTTV (at the time jointly owned by The Los Angeles Times and CBS) had four of the top multiweekly programs and six of the Top 12 weekly shows.

The KKTV multiweekly shows were The KTTV Television Newsreel (both its 7:30PM and 10PM versions), Telequiz and The Wheeler and Rourke Show. The weekly shows in the Top 12 were The Ed Wynn Show, Toast of the Town, Suspense, Pantomime Quiz and Arthur Godfrey and His Friends. How other Los Angeles stations — KTLA, KECA and KNBH, for example — performed in the Pulse rankings is unknown.

Given that KTTV was co-owned by The Los Angeles Times, perhaps the decision not to report how other stations fared and other shows topping the charts was intentional.

“Six Shows on KTTV Among Top 12 in L.A.” Los Angeles Times. 10 Apr. 1950: 11.

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  1. KTTV at the time was half-owned by the Los Angeles Times and CBS.

    But in the late summer of 1951, Don Lee put up KTSL for sale and CBS decided they neeed a 100-percent Owned station.

    So they sold-off their 50 percent share of KTTV and bought KTSL, which was soon renamed KNXT and became a CBS affiliate, leaving KTTV as an independent.

    Today, KTTV is the flagship of the Fox network.

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