New Article: The Interns

Take a few minutes to read my latest article about The Interns. I don’t have access at the moment to the episodes I used when writing this episode, so I can’t check the closing credits to see if Richard Frede is mentioned. But it seems The Interns was at least slightly based on Frede’s 1960 novel, The Interns, and/or the 1962 film adaptation. The show ran jut one season on CBS, from 1970-1971, and never caught on with viewers. Was it an overload of “relevant” programming? Too many medical dramas? The fact that the series aired opposite The Brady Bunch? I can’t say for sure.

This medical drama was savaged by critics and unable to make much of an impression with viewers during the 1970-1971 season when relevance was the word of the day and television was filled with young, eager characters striving to make a difference. Broderick Crawford starred Dr. Peter Goldstone, the surly supervisor of five fresh-faced interns played by Stephen Brooks, Christopher Stone, Hal Frederick, Mike Farrell and Sandra Smith. Every week they faced medical crises and personal problems, sometimes at the same time.

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