Update on Alternate Version of Star Trek Pilot on Blu-ray

I wrote in September about how Star Trek‘s third season on Blu-ray will include an alternate, unaired version of the second pilot (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”). Now, thanks to TrekMovie.com has a press release with full details about the pilot. Apparently, an original print of the pilot was uncovered in Germany, transferred to HD video and then brought to the Digital Restoration Department at CBS where it was color-corrected and cleaned up.

The Blu-ray set will be released on December 15th with a suggested retail price of $118.99.

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2 Replies to “Update on Alternate Version of Star Trek Pilot on Blu-ray”

  1. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it already found it’s way to the US back in the ’90’s. Capital City Comics (a former comic book distributor) had it listed in its order book. In VHS, of course. I ordered a copy for myself. It’s a good quality SP copy. I’m sure the Blue-Ray copy is a lot better looking. The show starts about like it does in the aired version, but without Kirk’s narration. The opening titles are different and after each commerical break, it says act one, act two, etc. (almost like a Quinn Martin production).

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