Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives ARE Offline

Back in July, I questioned whether the Museum of Broadcast Communications archives were offline after not being able to access them for quite some time. Many other people chimed in saying they, too, could not access the archives. As of yesterday, the link to the archives at the MBC website has been removed (you can still find it here) and the following notice has been posted to the Using the Archives page:

The online archives are unavailable with the new museum under construction. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support and interest as we move into our new home at State and Kinzie in downtown Chicago.

Thanks to Dwight, Nick and everyone else who kept on top of this. Hopefully when the MBC does reopen in its new building, the online archives will return (and perhaps be expanded).

2 Replies to “Museum of Broadcast Communications Archives ARE Offline”

  1. WHY and how would the physical construction of a new building cause their ONLINE archive to be taken down? I mean, the rest of their website remains up. Why not their online archives?

    And how close to completion are they with the new building?

  2. The MBC has just got to restore the archives online. it is a “must see” for everyone in the USA.especialy those who want to relive the network “first-runs” seen on ther Local network affiliates. I also have been using the archives to REALY have lunch with Uncle Johnny Coons.

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