All in the Family Weekdays Promo

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CBS added repeats of All in the Family to its daytime lineup on Monday, December 1st, 1975. The sitcom, then in its sixth season, was seen at 3PM Monday through Friday. This promotional spot, which is incomplete, likely dates from that period and would have included local identification at the end.


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Most of the footage in the promo is from the 1971 pilot. Incidentally, Norman Lear wasn’t happy with the way the episodes were edited for daytime rebroadcasts, and had his hame “electronically” removed from the opening credits when the repeats aired on the network.

  • Troy Turner says:

    Incidentally, it was the controversial move of The Edge of Night from CBS to ABC (Edge picked up right where it had left off on CBS the previous Friday with a special 60 minute episode) that made room for reruns of the Bunkers

  • Joe says:

    those were all scenes from the pilot episode.

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