Warner Archive Instant Officially Launches

Warner Archive Instant, the streaming service Warner Archive began beta testing in February, is now officially open to the public. The service is currently only available online or via a Roku device; HD programming can only be viewed via a Roku device. Among the television offerings are Jericho, The Adventures of Supermann, 77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye as well as made-for-TV movies Probe and Planet Earth.

A two week free trial is available. After that, a subscription costs $9.99 per month. According to its FAQ, Warner Archive Instant “offers hundreds of film and TV selections at any given time, reflecting the broad selection of content in the library. New content will be regularly added to the service, offering a consistently fresh experience with plenty of time to explore and discover.”

2 Replies to “Warner Archive Instant Officially Launches”

  1. I took the free two week trail. You can add season one of Man From Uncle. At the moment they offer around 140 movies, TV Movies, and series. The prints are gorgeous. The picture for series such as Jericho and Hawaiian Eye is certainly better than what I watched on my 1960s TV set.

    If they continue to add shows I will be happy to pay the $9.99 a month.

  2. Blech. First you have to use a credit card for the trial. Second the PC streaming requires Silverlight. Even Netflix is updating their system to use HTML5 considering Microsoft Silverlight make Flash seems like a breath of fresh air.

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