Articles Revised Through June 11th

I made one final big push this past weekend to try to finish revising my remaining articles in time for today’s anniversary. I didn’t quite make it. There are five left to be revised, three of which are going to need some extra work. So I’ll be finishing up those hopefully by the end of the month. Most of these latest revisions required only minor editing.

My article on The Outsiders wound up getting a complete rewrite, which it really needed. I think I do a little bit better job explaining how the series came to television and the sections on critical reaction, ratings and episodes have been significantly expanded.

I also did a fairly substantial revision of my article on Ferris Bueller, which for some reason lacked a section on episodes. I have no idea how that was left out but it has one now.

Finally, I did a bit of work on my Mid-Season 1979 article, one of my favorite articles and one of the longest. I actually removed all of the audio and video from this article because most of it was actually from the start of the 1978-1979 season rather than mid-season. Don’t worry, I plan to find other uses for those particular files.

This article was originally published in July 2007 and I had forgotten how much time I spent on writing it. I actually sat down and made a list of every program aired on the networks from September 1978 through March 1979, so I could track how the season progressed. Maybe I’ll to turn that into a special feature covering the 1978-1979 season night by night or week by week.

The rest of of these latest revisions required only minor editing: My World and Welcome to It, Coronet Blue, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., The Syndicated Season: 1987-1988, and Writing the Networks in the 1960s.

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