Run, Buddy, Run Premiere Promo

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Here’s a brief promotional spot promoting the series premiere of the short-lived sitcom Run, Buddy, Run, which ran for 16 episodes on CBS during the 1966-1967 season. As the promo states, the series aired in color but this is from a black and white print.

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2 Replies to “Run, Buddy, Run Premiere Promo”

  1. Unfortunately for Jack Sheldon, the show appeared opposite NBC’s “I DREAM OF JEANNIE” on Monday nights at 8pm(et), and it ended in January 1967 (to be replaced by “MR. TERRIFIC”, which managed to “limp” through the rest of the season before it was cancelled as well)….so he never did become a “CBS star”- but he found a place in Mort Lindsey’s orchestra on ‘”THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW”, appearing as occasional comedy relief for Merv…..

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