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Here’s a promotional spot for ABC’s Lawrence Welk Dancing Party, one of the many names used by the long-running variety show hosted by Lawrence Welk. The series premiered on July 2nd, 1955 and stayed on the network for the next 16 years before moving to first-run syndication for another eleven. Although commonly referred to as simply The Lawrence Welk Show, it was also sometimes called The Lawrence Welk Dodge Show. It seems to have started incorporating the phrase “dancing party” into the title at some point in late 1958 and used it for about a year and a half. Other variations included Lawrence Welk’s Dancing Party and Lawrence Welk’s Dodge Dancing Party.

Based on a very quick look at television listings, the “dancing party” name was in use from around October 1958 through June 1960. However, TV listings and advertisements may not have accurately reflected the name of the show.

About four seconds are missing from this spot. Notice that the last four or five seconds lack audio. That was where local stations could add a local tag.

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  1. This appears to be from 1956, after the Lennon sisters joined the program. From 1955 through ’59, the show was officially known as “THE DODGE DANCING PARTY” (as Chrysler’s Dodge Division was the sole sponsor). In the fall of 1959, Dodge became an alternate sponsor, becoming “THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW”.
    Suggested live announcer tag: “See Lawrence Welk’s ‘DANCING PARTY’ Saturday night, on ABC.”

    1. The Los Angeles Dodge dealers sponsored Welk on local TV, and got Chrysler to give him national exposure…long after they stopped being a sponsor, Welk drove Dodges.

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