Revised: Sons and Daughters

I mentioned earlier this month that Sons and Daughters is one of my favorite obscurities. My article about the short-lived 1974 CBS drama series starring Gary Frank and Glynnis O’Connor ended up being one of the few articles I wasn’t able to revise prior to the 10th anniversary of Television Obscurities. After several weeks, however, I have finally finished revising it. Since I am such a fan of the series, I wanted to do it justice and that ended up taking a lot longer than anticipated. The old article was roughly 1200 words while the new one is over 5000. You can read it here.

Here’s the new summary:

CBS called this drama series nighttime television’s first continuing love story. It was based on a March 1974 telefilm. The series depicted the complicated lives of two high school seniors falling in love mid-1950s as well as the lives of their friends and families. Critics felt the series showed promise but viewers didn’t tune in and it was cancelled two months into the 1974-1975 season. Only nine episodes were produced and aired.

I spent far more time than I intended simply trying to confirm the full names of many of the characters and I went through all nine episodes looking for references to 1950s pop culture. The article includes lengthy sections on critical reaction to the series as well as a long section discussing all nine episodes in detail. This is something I haven’t tried before in any of my articles. Typically I just write a few paragraphs highlighting some of the plots and characterization. But with only nine episodes it wasn’t hard to briefly summarize them all.

For those who have fond memories of the series, I think this article will be a nice look back at Sons and Daughters. So take a moment to read it, if you have the time.

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