The Ken Berry Wow Show Promo

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Here’s a promotional spot for The Ken Berry “Wow” Show (aka Ken Berry’s Wow Show, aka Wow!), an hour-long variety series that aired on ABC for five weeks during the summer of 1972. In addition to Berry, the series featured Steve Martin, Cheryl Ladd, Teri Garr, among others.


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    From the producers of “THE SONNY & CHER COMEDY HOUR”. The one routine I remember best from the show was the one where Ken tried to give “Mr. Steve Watson” {Steve Martin} an award for “The Best Chase of the Week”. Naturally, Steve would have nothing to do with it, and ran off stage, with Ken following him, leading into a filmed slapstick chase sequence.

  • Ted K. HIssong says:

    That voice belonged to Jay Stewart, Monty Hall’s longtime announcer on the original LET’S MAKE A DEAL, and on SALE OF THE CENTURY, hosted in the 1980s by Canadian-born Jim Perry. Stewart’s closing tag line quoted “Sale Of The Century is a Red Grundy Production!”

  • Ted K. Hissong says:

    OOPS! Reg Grundy Production, to be exact.

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