Halloween – 40, 55 and 67 Years Ago

Today is Halloween and to mark the occasion the networks have been airing special Halloween programming all week. Tonight, ABC will broadcast “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” (and “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown”), which originally premiered in 1966. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what was being shown on television in the past. So, here are the schedules for network programming aired 40, 55 and 67 years ago:

40 Years Ago – Wednesday, October 31st, 1973

  8:00PM Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
  8:30PM ABC Wednesday Movie of the Week: Guess Who’s Sleeping in My Bed?
10:00PM Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law

  8:00PM Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
  9:00PM Cannon
10:00PM Kojak

  8:00PM Adam-12
  8:30PM NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie: Tenafly
10:00PM Love Story

55 Years Ago – Friday, October 31st, 1958

  7:30PM The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
  8:00PM Walt Disney Presents
  9:00PM Man with a Camera
  9:30PM 77 Sunset Strip
10:30PM News with John Daly
10:45PM Local Programming

  7:30PM Your Hit Parade
  8:00PM Trackdown
  8:30PM The Jackie Gleason Show
  9:00PM The Phil Silvers Show
  9:00PM Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
10:00PM The Lineup
10:30PM Person to Person

  7:30PM Bucksin (repeat)
  8:00PM The Adventures of Ellery Queen (color)
  9:00PM M Squad
  9:30PM The Thin Man
10:00PM Gillette Cavalcade of Sports: Boxing

67 Years Ago – Thursday, October 31st, 1946

(Schedule for Stations Broadcasting in New York City)

WCBW – Channel 3
8:15PM – News-Milo Boulton
8:30PM – Case of the Poisoned Powders
8:50PM – Feature Film

WNBT – Channel 4
7:50PM – Television Reporter
8:00PM – Hour Glass; Variety with Helen Parrish
9:00PM – Children’s Halloween Party

WABD – Channel 5
3-5PM – News; Music
8:00PM – Charm School
8:30PM – Film Shorts
9:00PM – Quiz-Cash and Carry

Happy Halloween!

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2 Replies to “Halloween – 40, 55 and 67 Years Ago”

  1. Oct. 31, 1973 fell on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday. You even list the ABC Wednesday Movie of the Week and the NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie that night. I think I went trick-or-treating as a ghost that night.

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