Did Fashion Discoveries in Television Air Outside New York City?

A few months ago I published a spotlight focusing on Fashion Discoveries in Television, an early sponsored series that aired for three weeks in 1941. You can read it here. The series aired on station WNBT in New York City. There were no television networks in 1941 so I assumed that the series was only seen by viewers in New York City.

But then I came across the following paragraph in the November 24th, 1941 issue of Broadcasting:

WPTZ, Philco television station in Philadelphia, is rebroadcasting several programs a week from the telecasts of WNBT, NBC video station in New York. Programs, chiefly sporting events or other outstanding program features, are picked up by special receiving antenna and fed to the WPTZ transmitter in much the same manner as was done by the General Electric video station in Schenectady, which last spring also rebroadcast WNBT transmissions. Experiments are aimed at the eventual establishment of a television network, with stations linked by ultra-high frequency radio instead of wire. [1]

This suggests to me that it is possible, if highly unlikely, that one or more episodes of Fashion Discoveries in Television were picked up by WPTZ in Philadelphia and rebroadcast locally. But there are no details on when WPTZ began relaying programs from WNBT.

The last episode of Fashion Discoveries in Television aired on October 3nd, almost two months before this brief article was published. I also don’t know if anyone would have considered the series an outstanding program feature worthy of being relayed from New York City to Philadelphia.

1 “Philco NBC Pickups.” Broadcasting. 24 Nov. 1941: 59.

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  1. NBC did feed coverage of the 1940 Republican Convention from Philadelphia to New York; I think it was also relayed top Schenectady.

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