Is TV Land Still Relevant?

Cable channel TV Land launched 18 years ago today on Monday, April 29th, 1996. Last year at this time, I marked TV Land’s 17th anniversary with a brief post that led to a number of frustrated comments from readers. I thought about writing a similar post today but decided against it. Why? Because TV Land doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to classic television. It hasn’t for years. The powers that be made the decision to shift focus and no amount of anger on the part of viewers is going to change that.

There was a time when TV Land was more or less the only source for classic television on TV. And there was even a time when it catered to ardent fans of television, occasionally airing episodes of rare and short-lived shows like Coronet Blue, Lucas Tanner, The Young Lawyers and Mr. Terrific.

But TV Land isn’t the only game in town anymore. All of the “classic” shows it still airs (or at least are still included on its list of shows, some of which haven’t actually been seen on TV Land in a long time) are available on DVD in some fashion. And with few exceptions, all of them are also airing on one of the various classic television digital specialty networks that have launched over the past few years — like Me-TV, Cozi TV and Antenna TV — or another cable channel.

Here’s a list of the “classic” shows — those on the air prior to 1980 — that TV Land lists at its website:

All in the Family
The Andy Griffith Show
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Bob Newhart Show
The Brady Bunch
The Carol Burnett Show
Charlie’s Angels
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Fantasy Island
Gilligan’s Island
Good Times
Green Acres
Hogan’s Heroes
I Dream of Jeannie
I Love Lucy
The Jeffersons
Leave it to Beaver
Little House on the Prairie
Sanford and Son
Star Trek
Three’s Company

I believe the only shows on the list not readily available elsewhere on television are The Andy Griffith Show, The Carol Burnett Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show but I may be wrong.

With that in mind, it seems clear that for fans of classic television TV Land is no longer relevant. I suppose if you’re just interested in watching random episodes of classic shows that have been cut for time and don’t get Me-TV or Antenna TV, then maybe TV Land still matters. And somebody has to be watching TV Land’s particular brand of sitcom, right?

Otherwise, the days of TV Land being crazy about television are long gone. It’s time to move on. Buy your favorite classic shows on DVD (or Blu-ray, if available) and watch them uncut and commercial free. Check your local listings to see if you get Me-TV, Antenna TV, Cozi TV or Retro TV. Check Netflix and other streaming sites to see what’s available.

5 Replies to “Is TV Land Still Relevant?”

  1. What I originally liked about TVLand was the fact that they didn’t cut the programs to squeeze in more commericals. It was nice seeing I Love Lucy eps complete with the previously cut last act. Unfortunately new stations like ME-TV chop up classic TV shows like salami.

  2. When TV Land first started back in the 90’s, they ran shows like Sonny & Cher(uncut), Flip Wilson,etc…. Many of their shows that they aired were all uncut, now not only is the line-up a bunch of garbage, all the shows are heavily edited down for more commercial space.

  3. Their idea of “nostalgia” these days is to revive “CANDID CAMERA”, with Peter Funt, Allen’s son……….which is not a bad idea. But to feature MAYIM BIALIK as his co-host? BAD IDEA. See why, beginning this August.

  4. I wish they would run the old shows on the weekends and stop the same show over and over like the golden girls don’t get me wrong I love the show but would like a variety not the same show hour after hour love to see Andy Griffth show, leave it to beaver U love Lucy etc do it on Sundays oh fantasy Island an the love boat are good choices too just hate every sun it’s golden girls all day long!! And please are you all about that all mighty dollar that you cut out wonderful scenes just to add yet another boring commercial use to be you would have to run to rest room an hurry back to t.v. now I can take a shower wash my hair and dry it an come back to commercials still playing ok may be a lil exaggeration there but you get my point… Jydt want a lil more variety thank you

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