Savitt Jewelers Commercial

November 2013 is Local Connecticut Commercials Month. The following commercial originally aired on WTXX (Channel 20) in Connecticut.

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Here’s a commercial for Savitt Jewelers and its once-a-year holiday sale. The store, located in New Haven, Connecticut, closed in 2012 after 92 years in operation. This commercial is from November 1986.

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  1. Hi! It is very sad to read that another Local Business Bites the Dust lately. Have a Very Nice Day!

  2. Love your site!

    I grew up in Springfield in the 1960’s-1970’s, and looking through your video vault I noticed the Bill Savitt Commercial.

    We watched Chanel 3 (WTIC) in Springfield – it was the CBS affiliate for Springfield as well ast Hartford – I guess it still is! In any event, Savitt had these commercials int he 1960’s and 70s of a large men’s chorus singing his theme song (mentioned in many web sites) but I was unable to find a commercial on the web with the chorus – do you think any still exist?

  3. Bill Savitt was a showman’ showman…He was a big Promoter of not only his store but also Active on the Hartford Sports scene. I believe he was either a part owner or at least a sponsor and backer of the Eadtern League’s (Baseball) Hartford Chiefs back in the 40’s early 50’s…he helped promote prize fights and may have been part of the
    Committee that helped bring the New England Whalers Hockey team (then WHA) from Boston to CT’s Capitol city. They then became the Hartford Whalers (NHL) but then move in April of ’97 to Raleigh, Nc to become the Carolina Hurricanes. Savitt plugged CT public TV and other philanthropic endeavors and received many honors and awards for his efforts. He had a habit of standing outside his store on Eith Allyn St or Asylum St (I left 15 yrs ago) and asking folks what time it was or just saying hello. His store slogan is something every Hartfordite can recall…POMG…Peace of Mind Guaranteed. He is a Hartford legend.

    1. Yes he was, I’m trying to find the commercial when he had 3 black men lip syncing words to the song. You couldn’t see their face only the back of their heads moving. The one in the middle was my father Arthur Long. I’m truly trying to find this tape so I can have it as a memory..

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