Thanksgiving TV – 37, 58 and 68 Years Ago

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on television right now (it was first telecast on Thursday, November 23rd, 1939 on W2XBS, the experimental NBC station in New York City). Here’s a look at network prime time television on Thanksgiving Day 37 years ago (1976) and 58 years ago (1955) plus WNBT’s programming in New York City 68 years ago (1945).

37 Years Ago – Thursday, November 25th, 1976

  8:00PM Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
  8:30PM Football: Colgate vs. Rutgers

  8:00PM The Waltons, “The Thanksgiving Story” (Repeat)
10:00PM Sills and Burnett at the Met

  8:00PM Van Dyke and Company
  9:00PM Best Sellers: Captains and the Kings, Part 8

58 Years Ago – Thursday, November 24th, 1955

  7:30PM The Lone Rangers
  8:00PM Life is Worth Living – “Is Capital Always Right or is Labor Always Right?”
  8:30PM Stop the Music
  9:00PM Star Tonight – “Have Faith in Your Agent”
  9:30PM Down You Go
 10:00PM No Network Service
 10:30PM No Network Service

  7:30PM Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
  8:00PM The Bob Cummings Show
  8:30PM Climax – “Portrait in Celluoid”
  9:30PM Four Star Playhouse – “Looking Glass House”
 10:00PM The Johnny Carson Show
 10:30PM Wanted

  7:30PM The Dinah Shore Show
  7:45PM Camel News Caravan
  8:00PM You Bet Your Life
  8:30PM The People’s Choice
  9:00PM Dragnet
 10:00PM Lux Video Theatre – “Miss Susie Stagel’s”

68 Years Ago – Thursday, November 22nd, 1945
(Schedule for Stations Broadcasting in New York City)

WNBT (Channel 1)
   1:00PM Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
   7:00PM Children’s Program: Teletruth Quiz; Films of Prime Minister Clement Attlee Before Congress; Film–Wrangler’s Roost, Wester.

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