What America Didn’t Watch – Sunday, November 24th, 1963

What We Didn’t Watch is a four-part special feature focusing on network prime-time programming pre-empted in November 1963 by coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination, its aftermath and his funeral. The networks aired news coverage and a few specials but no regular programming and no commercials. Most of the scheduled programs were aired at a later date. All times are Eastern.

Part Three: Sunday, November 24th, 1963

CBS was the only network to offer programming on Sunday mornings in November 1963. Pre-empted for continuing coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination were shows like Lamp Unto My Feet and Camera Three. ABC and CBS cancelled their scheduled afternoon football games.

Here’s a rundown of the prime time schedules for each network, with rescheduled airdates. Unfortunately, the television listings I have access to were not specific about many programs.


No Network Service

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters – Unknown Episode
Postponed until?

Arrest and Trial – “Signals from an Ancient Flame”
Postponed until January 12th, 1964

Laughs for Sale – Unknown Episode
Postponed until?

ABC Reports – Unknown Episode
Postponed until?


Lassie – Unknown Episode
Postponed until?

My Favorite Martian – “That Little Old Matchmaker, Martin”
Postponed until December 22nd, 1963

The Ed Sullivan Show
With Diahann Carroll, Bert Lahr, the Vagabonds, Topo Gigo the Italian Mouse

The Judy Garland Show
With Jane Powell, Ray Bolger
Postponed until March 1st, 1964?

Candid Camera

What’s My Line?


The Bill Dana Show – Unknown Episode
Postponed until?

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – “The Hound That Thought He Was a Raccoon”
Postponed until September 20th, 1964

Grindl – “Grindl’s Day Off”
Postponed until January 19th, 1964

Bonanza – “Ponderosa Matador”
Postponed until January 12th, 1964

The Best on Record (Grammy Awards Special)
Postponed until December 8th, 1963

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10 Replies to “What America Didn’t Watch – Sunday, November 24th, 1963”

  1. The Wikipedia said that The Judy Garland Show segment that was bumped by JFK DID get aired on March 1, 1964. Namely, it’s the 10th episode recorded (On October 11, 1963), but, the fifth-to-last one to aired.

  2. Oddly, with the CBS lineup featuring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger and Bert Lahr on that Sunday night, it’s intriguing that TBS ran The Wizard Of Oz tonight!

  3. Thanks for this series.

    “Part Three: Sunday, November 25th, 1963”

    This should be Sunday, November 24th, 1963, as it appears just above.

      1. Thanks, one more. I’m pretty the Grammy special was postponed to Dec. 8, 1963, not 1964. You mentioned elsewhere that Vaughn Meador was removed from this special after its postponement as well.

  4. I thought “What’s My Line” was done live, so that episode was cancelled.

    If “Laughs For Sale” was live or was due to be taped on Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd, or earlier in the day on the 24th, the episode likely was also cancelled.

    1. According to Gil Fates’ (producer) production notes, What’s My Line was preempted that night. The show was broadcast live with a few exceptions over its 17 year run.

  5. Here’s what my issue of TVGuide has for some of your unknown episodes, and dates from IMDB…

    Mr. Ed…(CBS aired first run episodes at 6:30pm) “Ed the Shishkabob” Jan 19 1964

    Bill Dana Show…”The Poker Game” Dec 1 1963

    Travels of Jaimie McPheeters…”Day of the Homeless” Dec 18 1963

    Lassie…no title given, but description of raising a blind colt fits “Day of Darkness” Dec 29 1963

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