New Spotlight: Ruthie on the Telephone

Kicking of my plan to publish a new spotlight each month throughout 2014, I’ve completed a spotlight focusing on the short-lived CBS comedy series Ruthie on the Telephone. The series is all but forgotten today. Pretty much the only thing anyone knows about it is that each episode ran for five minutes. It was adapted from a recurring radio bit from The Little Show, starring Robert Q. Lewis, that dates back to 1947.

Because it was aired six nights a week (later reduced to five nights), a total of 74 episodes were broadcast during its 13 weeks on the air. No episodes are known to exist today, unfortunately.

You can read the spotlight here. If anyone has any information about Ruthie on the Telephone, I’d love to hear from you.

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One Reply to “New Spotlight: Ruthie on the Telephone”

  1. I know that Goodman Ace wrote it (he had Ruth appear as “Max”, Milton Berle’s love-starved secretary, on his 1953-’55 “BUICK BERLE SHOW”, of which Goody was head writer).

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