Was There a 1955 Lone Ranger Color Anniversary Special?

Over the years, I’ve probably received more than a thousand e-mails from people asking about television shows and specials they vaguely remember, hoping I can help identify and confirm their recollections. Sometimes, I’m the one trying to track down information about a show or special I’d like to know more about. This is one of those times.

Yesterday, while going through a collection of ABC promos from the 1950s that I acquired on DVD several years ago, I came across the opening and closing credits to an anniversary special relating to The Lone Ranger, as well as a few minutes of footage from the special itself. The quality is pretty bad. The original source for this material was no doubt a very rough 16mm print, transferred to VHS at some point and then converted to DVD.

The Lone Ranger Story

According to the opening credits, the special was called “The Lone Ranger Story” and would answer questions like why the Lone Ranger wears his mask and why he uses silver bullets. It was sponsored by General Mills. The closing credits indicate it was produced by The Lone Ranger, Inc. with George B. Seitz, Jr. as director and writer. The copyright date is given as 1955.

I assumed it would be easy to look this up online and figure out what it was. I was wrong.

The Lone Ranger character debuted on radio in 1933. The television series The Lone Ranger premiered on ABC in September 1949, with Clayton Moore in the title role. A total of 221 episodes were broadcast over the course of eight seasons (three of which consisted entirely of repeats), with the final first-run episode airing in June 1957. The 1956-1957 season was filmed in color. From 1952-1953, John Hurt played the Lone Ranger.

Initially, I was unable to find any references to “The Lone Ranger Story” but discovered that the Internet Movie Database does have listings for a 1952 compilation film called “The Legend of the Lone Ranger” and an anniversary show called “The Lone Ranger Rides Again” from 1955.

Supposedly, “The Legend of the Lone Ranger” consisted of the first three episodes of The Lone Ranger edited together but there aren’t a lot of sources for this other than IMDb. As for “The Lone Ranger Rides Again,” it is said to have aired in February 1955 to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Lone Ranger on radio and television. It retold the origin story of the Lone Ranger and, most importantly, was reportedly broadcast in color.

I found a number of references to a 22nd anniversary special airing in February 1955, including television listings in a few newspapers and a review in Broadcasting*Telecasting. It first aired on Saturday, February 12th, 1955 from 1-2PM on CBS and again the following day on ABC from 8-9PM. I found no mention of it being in color and nothing to indicate whether it was made up of footage from old episodes. Unfortunately, none of these sources give an actual title, they just refer generically to an anniversary special.

Further confusing things are indications that anniversary specials were also aired in 1956, 1957 and 1958. That last date would have been the 25th anniversary of the Lone Ranger on radio/television and a few sources online state that the “The Lone Ranger Rides Again” from 1955 was repeated in 1958 to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

It was at this point that I somehow stumbled upon an Amazon.com listing for something called “The Lone Ranger Double-Barelled Feature: The Lone Ranger Story/Hi-Yo Silver,” released last year by Legend Films. It contains a vintage TV special called “The Lone Ranger Story” (said to have been aired in 1958 and consisting of the footage from the first three episodes) and the 1940 film version of the 1938 Lone Ranger serial.

So, it seems safe to say that “The Lone Ranger Story” is the 22nd anniversary special aired in February 1955 (potentially repeated in 1956, 1957 and again in 1958 for the 25th anniversary). I have found no information suggesting it was filmed or broadcast in color. If anybody reading this has purchased “The Lone Ranger Double-Barelled Feature: The Lone Ranger Story/Hi-Yo Silver” and can describe what’s on it, please hit the comments.

Some questions still remain. Was there an earlier compilation film broadcast in 1952? Could the 22nd anniversary special have been filmed in color even if it was only broadcast in black and white? What is the source for the 1955 special being titled “The Lone Ranger Rides Again?”

If nothing else, attempting to unravel this mystery has served to reinforce my long held belief that websites like Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database are unfortunately often inaccurate

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14 Replies to “Was There a 1955 Lone Ranger Color Anniversary Special?”

  1. Yes there was. On Aug 3 1954 Jack Wrather bought the LR He wanted to celebrate the purchase of the property in a big with a one hour color special retelling how the LR became the LR and it started Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels if you will go to THE LONE RANGER FAN CLUB on face book I have put all info on there and pictures from this 1955 LR. this is totally different from the 1949 1952 and the two feature movies 1956 and 1958 LR

  2. One more thing please The scenes in the 1955 are totally different from the 1949 and 1952 which the 1952 is the 1949 just edited together to make one film. If this is the 1955 special that you mentioned it would be in color. if it is black and white and has the same scenes as the 1949 then this is not the 1955 LR

  3. I received a copy of the lone ranger story it was an anniversary special done by General mills It was the edited together 1949 B&W version This is not the 1955 anniversary show that Jack Wrather made his was a brand new film filmed in color made for the 22nd anniversary of the lone ranger and was made to celebrate the purchase of the property which was bought Aug 3 1954 His was made in 1955 His was a retelling of how the LR became the LR and stared Clayton and Jay. Jack’s anniversary show is still out there and needs to be found.

    1. Can I Purchase this color version of the Cavendish intro to the Legend of The
      Lone Ranger & if so is it available on dvd
      Kind Regards Dave

      1. Hi Dave,
        If you are talking about this color LR made for the 22nd anniversary of the LR by Jack Wrather, it is not on video. I’m hoping this will be found soon so it can be put on video.

      2. If there is a special 1955 color TV program made in 1955 of the Lone Ranger can it be found in thecArchives?
        Stuart T.

    2. HI Bobby,

      Just for the record BBC tv in the uk screened an episode of the lone Ranger on Saturday January 5th 1957 from 4-30 pm till 5-20 pm lasting a full 50 minutes. (The BBC don’t have adverts)
      It was titled ‘The secret of the Lone Ranger’ stating who is he? what is he? why is he masked?
      It was broadcast in black and white because colour tv had not commenced in the UK at that time.
      The BBC had just started showing the series starting with the latest colour episodes (In black and white)

  4. One thing I failed to mention. In the 1955 color LR Clayton is in a cave has a fire a pot and a mold and makes his own silver bullets.

  5. I wish the media or someone would find the 1955
    Color Lone Ranger 22 Anniversary Special where The Lone Ranger is shown making his Silver Bulkets! Will someone find this color special?

  6. A question not pertaining to the anniversary special. Where were the early opening credits shot prior to Iversons ? Very early episodes. Looks like desert with foot hills in the back ground as versus a line of trees in the back ground at Iversons. some rumors have it in Lone Pine Ca., another rumor has it in Apple Valley Ca. Very desolate area.


  7. Aug 10 2019 One small note probly pointed out to you long ago, the Actor that replaced Moore for about 50 episodes was John HART, not Hurt. Ironicly (spelling?) I just saw the 2 of them in the episode ‘Rifles and Renegades’ yesterday, as I currently still watch the show on DISHTV Channel 82.

  8. I just purchased the front page of The Pittsburgh Press TV Graphic magazine from Sunday February 23, 1958, at an estate sale. It has a a full color picture of the Lone Ranger and his horse and says on the bottom, “The Lone Ranger…Heigh-Ho Silver Anniversary” This page is glued onto cardboard and measures 13 1/4 by 10 3/4 inches.

  9. I Been Scared Of The General Mills G For A Long Time As A Kid,And As Teen,As Well As Adult,Middle Aged And Even Aging.

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