Kyle MacDonnell Article Delayed

Due to a variety of circumstances (including but not limited to coming down with the flu a few weeks ago) I’ve had to delay publishing my article on early television star Kyle MacDonnell, which was intended to appear last month. I’ve been researching MacDonnell for more than six years and have in that time collected a huge amount of material that I’m still sifting through.

I’m also working on creating a list of every broadcast MacDonnell appeared on, including the shows she hosted (Girl About Town, For Your Pleasure, etc.) and those she appeared on as a guest (Cavalcade of Stars and others). I thought I had completed several of these years ago but it turns out I only finished one for Girl About Town.

The plan is now to publish the article on Kyle MacDonnell at the end of the month and then stick to the quarterly scheduled I announced back in January.

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  • David says:

    I am sorry to hear you had the flu, but am glad you are feeling better. I know a lot of people who got hit really hard the past month or two with that. I am looking forward to the Kyle MacDonnell article.

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