2015 Early Television Convention to Feature TV Footage from 1947/1948

The 2015 Early Television Convention will include a presentation by James Cozart highlighting kinescope recordings of live local and network television from 1947 and 1948. The footage will be drawn primarily from the Hubert Chain Collection held by the Library of Congress, which features excerpts of a variety of New York City programs dating back to June 1947.

The Chain Collection contains some of the earliest surviving television footage. I’ve always wanted to see it and I wish I could be at this presentation. I’m thrilled that it is being screened publicly even if I can’t be there. More details will hopefully be posted to the Early Television Museum’s website at a later date.

The convention will be held May 1-3 in Hilliard, Ohio. Other presentations will cover television in the 1920s and the history of the video disc and RCA’s CED system. There will also be a swap meet, a restoration workshop, both a silent and live auction, and more.


  • Karen Martin says:

    So much of early media — silent movies, radio and live television, is lost. But I’m always pleased when I learn about groups and individuals who are rescuing, preserving and sharing the little scraps of early television history that remains.

    That you for sharing the news.

  • Joseph says:

    Hopefully, this footage will include complete programs, and perhaps news and sports events as well.

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