TV Guide Close-Up: 1964 Winter Olympics

Here’s a TV Guide ad from January 1964 promoting the start of the 1964 Winter Olympics on ABC:

Scanned black and white TV Guide ad for the 1964 Winter Olympics on ABC

TV Guide Ad for the 1964 Winter Olympics – Copyright 1964 Triangle Publications, Inc.

The 1964 Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck, Austria from January 29th through February 9th, 1964. ABC’s coverage kicked off at 10PM on Wednesday, January 29th with the Opening Ceremony, including the Parade of Nations.

This particular ad is from the Western New England Edition of TV Guide. Channel 6 was WTEV in New Bedford, MA; Channel 8 was WNHC-TV in New Haven, CT; Channel 20 was WATR-TV in Waterbury, CT; and Channel 40 was WHYN-TV in Springfield, MA.

Image Credit:
TV Guide, January 25th, 1964 (Vol. 12, No. 4), Western New England Edition, A-52

3 Replies to “TV Guide Close-Up: 1964 Winter Olympics”

  1. Are you sure that the 1964 Winter Olympics ended on February 9th and not February 10th?

    I say that because a vintage TV listing I have has ABC’s final telecast of the 1964 Winter Olympics being on Monday, February 10th from 11:15 to 11:45 P.m. Eastern time.

    Either the February 10th telecast was:

    (1) A wrap-up of the Games, or,

    (2) The closing ceremonies. Since there was no stationary-orbit communications satellite over the North Atlantic at the time, perhaps the closing ceremonies were on the evening of February 10th (European time; that afternoon here in the ‘States), taped by ABC, and flown back across the Atlantic in-time for telecast late that night, about eight or nine hours after the fact.

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