Television Part of the 2017 UCLA Festival of Preservation

The 2017 UCLA Festival of Preservation kicks off this Friday (March 3rd). The programming slate skews heavily toward feature films. But television is represented as well. The festival includes seven TV programs spread across three nights. Local California television is well represented with four different programs. There’s also a CBS children’s program from 1975, a 1976 PBS drama, and an installment of syndicated anthology series The Play of the Week from 1960.

This year’s festival runs from March 3rd through March 27th. Screenings will be held at the Billy Wilder Theater. Here’s a breakdown of television programming at the 2017 UCLA Festival of Preservation:

Our Kind of World / Play of the Week – March 5th
Our Kind of World: Show #6 (KRMA-TV Denver, 1967)
Play of the Week: “Seven Times Monday” (Syndicated, 1960)

The George Shearing Show / Nancy Wilson at the Grove / Color Me Jazz – March 17th
The George Shearing Show (KTLA, 1/3/65)
Nancy Wilson at the Grove (KTLA, 5/20/65)
Color Me Jazz (KTLA, 10/3/65)

Two by Barbara Schultz – Television Visionary – March 26th
CBS Children’s Hour: “J.T.” (CBS, 10/1/75)
Visions: “Gold Watch” (PBS, 11/11/76)

Tickets are required. Unlike the rest of the festival, all of the television screenings offer free admission. See the official festival website for details.

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