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Syndicated one season wonder Decoy, starring Beverly Garland, is getting a complete series DVD release for the first time. The half-hour crime drama originally ran for 39 episodes during the 1957-1958 season. Film Chest Media Group is releasing the entire series on DVD on May 30th.

Garland played Casey Jones, a devoted police officer who often went undercover to catch bad guys. She impersonated an exotic dancer, a photographer, a prisoner at a women’s jail, a nurse, and an insurance agent, among others.

The first television series in the United States to feature a female police officer in the lead role, Decoy reportedly drew from real-life case files. The opening credits call it a tribute to New York City’s Bureau of Policewomen. The series filmed on location in New York City.

Guest stars included Peter Falk, Larry Hagman, Ed Asner, Suzanne Pleshette, Lois Nettleton, Barbara Barrie, Arch Johnson, and Richard Davalos.

Public Domain?

A good number of episodes of Decoy have apparently fallen in the public domain. It’s possible the entire series is no longer protected by copyright. Alpha Video has released five volumes and 20 episodes over the years, all of which are available via the Internet Archive.

The upcoming set from Film Chest Media Group will mark the first time all 39 episodes are available on DVD. It’s unclear whether this is an official, authorized set or simply a more comprehensive public domain release.

For those who prefer digital to disc, Decoy has been available on Amazon Prime since January 31st.

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