45th Anniversary of Sierra

Short-lived NBC adventure series Sierra premiered 45 years ago tonight. James G. Richardson and Ernest Thompson starred as Rangers Tim Cassidy and Matt Harper. The two worked for the United States National Park Service, charged with protecting the fictional Sierra National Park.

Scan of a TV Guide image showing Ernest Thompson and James G. Richardson
Ernest Thompson and James G. Richardson as Ranger Tim Cassidy and Ranger Matt Harper
Photo Credit: TV Guide (Fall Preview 1974)

Produced by Jack Webb’s Mark VIII Limited, it was the first cancellation of the 1974-1975 season. NBC canned the show after four low-rated episodes but aired the 11 produced episodes. In a bizarre scheduling move, the network aired the pilot telefilm (The Rangers) in December 1974.

Learn more about this forgotten show by reading my spotlight on Sierra, first published in 2014.

If you remember watching Sierra, share your recollections in the comments.

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