Nielsen Bottom 5, September 24th-30th, 1979

Week 2 of the 1979-1980 season began on Monday, September 24th, 1979 and ended on Sunday, September 30th, 1979. The highest-rated program was Three’s Company on ABC with a 26.2 Nielsen rating.

Here are the five lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
62 Bad News Bears CBS N/A
63 Struck By Lightning CBS N/A
64 Big Shamus, Little Shamus CBS N/A
65 Last Resort CBS N/A
66 Working Stiffs CBS N/A

[No Title]. The Associated Press. 2 Oct. 1979: AM Cycle.

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2 Replies to “Nielsen Bottom 5, September 24th-30th, 1979”

  1. Big Shamus Little Shamus was the big flop of that season. It starred Brian Dennehy as the house detective at an Atlantic City hotel who was raising his young son played by Doug McKeon , best known as the boy who bonds with Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond. This was the first of only 2 episodes and BTW, this is the only show here that is not a sitcom! Kind of a surprise that all these shows were on CBS, but the fact was that even with 8 of the top 10 shows, CBS did not have a single freshman fall series return next season, unless you want to count Archie Bunker’s Place, which was really All In The Family without Mike and Gloria!

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